Are you planning on going overseas later this year? Of course, besides being excited, there are a lot of preparations that you have planned. You could say that traveling abroad requires a good calculation so that the wallet is not broken. For example, calculate the budget for airplane tickets and accommodation, then the cost of shopping, culinary, souvenirs and other expenses.

Unfortunately, there is also an important budget that is often missed by many people when traveling abroad. The awareness of travelers to use travel insurance as their travel insurance is still low. Even though it is also important, you know, to buy travel insurance, the benefits are also for the protection of yourself and your family. So you don’t get confused about what is important to prepare before traveling abroad. Check these 4 things first so that your vacation will be more comfortable, happy and away from the drama of traveling.

1. Determine your budget for traveling

Doing budget calculations is clearly important and should not be underestimated. Choose a vacation destination according to your budget. For example, the budget is only Rp. 5 million, of course you can choose Asian country destinations such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore. If you are interested in a European country, you have to have a bigger budget.
This point is very important, especially the backpacker type traveler. So that there is no drama going back to hell after traveling, or the debt increases, you can first check the accommodation, food prices, transportation, etc. in your destination country.
Also check the exchange rate of the rupiah against the country you are visiting. For those of you who vacation in developed countries like Europe or America, plus invite your family, the budget will be different from the solo traveler! The more people who are on the road the more fun it is, and this can be very profitable. You can share costs in many ways, such as accommodation, transportation and food.

2. Create a Complete Itinerary & Budget

Apart from determining the budget, the second important thing is to make an itinerary for your trip along with the budget. Write everything down well, the more detailed it is, the better. Also understand that the travel cost budget includes entrance tickets for recreational rides, costs for souvenirs, snacks, etc.All the ranges of expenses that you will make must be calculated.
The key, don’t be lazy to make an itinerary and check costs. In contrast to Indonesia, most developed countries have a payment system to pay for accommodation, transportation to entertainment rides with a cashless system using a credit card. So, this is beneficial because you can better manage your expenses during the holidays.

3. Use Credit and Debit Cards Wisely

To make your vacation even more comfortable, don’t forget to find out the rupiah exchange rate against the currency of your destination country. As a reference, the exchange rate difference of less than 70 points against the exchange rate set by Bank Indonesia is in the low category, and vice versa. You can exchange your money at money changers that offer good rates.
In order for your walks to be safe, you don’t need to carry a lot of cash when traveling, just bring enough. Transactions abroad today are not complicated, and you can use a credit or debit card. Make sure your credit or debit card is active and can be used for international transactions. This can be checked directly with the credit card issuer by visiting the issuing bank or via the tell call center of your issuing bank.

4. Protect Yourself, Buy Travel Insurance

Furthermore, in order to avoid the drama of traveling, such as lost luggage, flight delays, suddenly getting sick while abroad. It’s a good idea to protect yourself by buying travel insurance. Protecting yourself with insurance has become a mandatory requirement in several countries, such as Europe, America and Australia.