Holidays are moments that a Traveler Friend is waiting for to enjoy a weekend or a year-end with their loved ones. Things that are usually confused about the right choice of destination when on vacation with family. Monitor or mountain are two favorite tours with family and relatives.
For parents who prefer to have a vacation to the beach or to the mountain, it’s actually the same because both are fun. Traveler friends must have their own choices for determining vacation destinations right? The baby is no exception, of course.

Vacation to the beach

Vacationing to the beach is one of the choices for parents. This is because the preparation is quite simple compared to getting the kids to climb to the mountain. In addition, the beach also does not have a difficult obstacle to get there so it will be a safe journey when Friend Traveler is on vacation with children. Not only that, walking to the beach will not make children tired because the energy that is expended is not exhausted just to walk to the beach and for parents it will be easier to watch their children while playing on the beach later.

Vacation to the Mountain

Not inferior to beaches, mountains are actually quite good destinations for children to take a vacation. Very clean and fresh air will have a good impact on children’s health. In addition, climbing the mountain will improve children’s motor skills if they are often invited to climb.
When invited to hike, children will be accustomed to courageous things such as making decisions, being confident, and having a sense of responsibility. In addition to cultivating courageously, children will find it easier to socialize because when they are invited to climb they will meet more new people and often communicate with their parents.

Climbing a mountain is quite risky compared to a vacation to the beach. Parents need to pay attention to many things when asking their children to climb. One of them is to prepare a thick jacket. If necessary, bring a scarf to protect the child’s body from the cold mountain air. Don’t forget to prepare medicines because unwanted things are very likely to happen.

So, Choose Where to Vacation?

Beaches and mountains are basically fun destinations when on vacation with children, because they have various benefits and they are both fun. Traveler’s friends can choose a destination that suits what they want and so that children can get to know the outside world better. Hope it helps, Friend Traveler and good luck.