Not only did Bollywood films make international successes, India also has astonishing facts that many people don’t know. A little illustration, India is one of the countries with the largest human population in the world. It is not surprising that the birth and death rates there are high. Before traveling there, here are other unexpected facts from this seventh largest country. Which one surprised you the most?

6 Unique Facts from India

The largest English speaking country in the world
English is seen as very important in this country. There are two official languages ​​in this country, namely Hindi and English. In addition, the government there also accepts 17 other languages.

Very poor air quality

According to research, if we live in Mumbai, breathing the air there is equivalent to smoking 100 cigarettes at a time. The air quality in this big city in India is indeed unsuitable for breath and is believed to be the mastermind behind nearly one million deaths per year in the country. Apart from that, New Delhi also has very dirty air. The level of motor vehicle ownership here is very high. No wonder New Delhi is the most polluted city in the world.

In India there are the largest families in the world

The family of 39 wives and 94 children live in the hills of Baktwang, in the eastern Indian state of Mizoram on the border with Burma. It is Ziona Chana, the head of a family who has many wives and is the head of a local religious sect that allows her to have as much polygamy as possible.
With the number of members of the sect led by Chana reaching 4000 people, Chana said that he would continue to increase the number of wives, especially marrying poor women in remote villages to help them economically.

Getting married to dogs is common

Married to dogs is part of a culture that has been passed down from generation to generation in India. For the men there, marrying a dog is a way of atoning for sins. As for women, usually if an elder says that the village they live in will be hit by a disaster then one way to avoid this is to marry a young girl to a dog. The intelligence of Indian IT personnel is widely recognized in other countries.

Big contributor to IT personnel in the world

About 50{bb0d14df601a1627ab5f31ed126a79d3c839d0f8d0404f1f3f1fa7f4f2699f35} of IT personnel worldwide come from India, you know. The circulation of money in the IT sector which Indians are involved in is very large, reaching USD 47 billion per year. This is an achievement in itself for this country behind the problems it is experiencing.

40,000 people export their hair every day

The country exports enormous amounts of hair to over 415,000,000 each year. The hairs will be sent to various countries to be used as material for making wigs or for hair extensions. These hairs come from Hindus who donate their hair at temples as a spiritual offering, especially those who cannot afford to donate money or jewelry.