Going for a walk or vacation together with friends or family sounds really fun! Maybe you’ve done it before, or maybe now you’re planning a vacation together. But traveling together is not always easy and smooth as planned. Why? Because even though we are best friends or close friends, we still each have desires and habits that we may not know beforehand. Even though at the office or on campus, gathering is always fun with your friends, but when traveling together we can also be surprised by his habit when he wakes up, his mood can change drastically due to tiredness of walking, or just when sleep turns out to snore.

If you go with your close family, maybe it will be easier to adjust, because each one knows his habits at home. So it’s easier to adjust the rhythm and habits of each member of the traveling group. So, what should we pay attention to when planning a tour with a group, so that the tour becomes even more exciting? Here are the tips:

  • If you plan to go out with friends from work, make sure that your office allows you to leave at the same time
  • Create an itinerary to plan the places you want to visit. It is better if the itinerary is arranged together or based on input from several group members and decided together
  • The first thing to book if the plan to travel to a place far or abroad is a plane ticket. Order well in advance, so you can get cheaper prices if you go to budget airlines. Also all members of the group can get the same flight schedule
  • No less important is for hotel / hostel bookings. In order to get a room at the same inn, don’t forget to order a few months in advance
  • Choose an accommodation that is easily accessible by public transportation, so if you get separated, it’s easy to return to the place of lodging
  • Make sure all group members hold the address and telephone number of the hotel / hostel and other important telephone numbers such as police or tourist information
  • If you feel it is necessary, make an agreement from the beginning among the group members that they may split up and then meet again in one place at a certain hour. For example, when hanging out together, there may be some members of the group who don’t really like shopping, so when they go to the shopping center they can separate first to do other activities that they are interested in.
  • Make sure to check-in at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure, so if someone has excess baggage, for example, you can coordinate with each other so you don’t get overweight baggage fees
  • Browsing to compare prices for public transport from airport to hotel / hostel. If it is not much different from the price of renting a taxi or van, you should choose that vehicle to make it easier to get to the inn. Because sometimes after taking public transportation such as buses or the MRT, we still have to walk quite a distance to get to the inn.