Vacation with family is fun. Besides having the experience of visiting new places together, this activity can also be a bonding time. Moreover, when traveling with children, this will be a new, exciting experience for them. Traveling with children to new, faraway places, especially for the first time, often makes parents worry that their children will be fussy, don’t enjoy the trip, or have something their little one doesn’t need to carry on. So that you are no longer confused and worried, let’s discuss tips on traveling with your little one one by one!

Decide on a kid-friendly vacation destination

The first step is, determine a family vacation destination and choose a place that is kid-friendly or friendly for you. For parents with toddlers who have not been able to express their desires independently, decision making can depend more on Mother and Father. For parents with older children (school age), they can be involved in determining vacation destinations.
Prepare children’s equipment If the itinerary has been prepared, it’s time to pack. Of course, you have to pack your little one’s clothes. Remember to also pack these extra equipment for your little one’s comfort, ma’am:

• Need to change diapers
• Children’s toiletries
• Stroller. If it is not possible to bring your own stroller, you can rent a stroller in the destination city.
• Wet wipes
• Little one’s toys
• Your little one’s snacks
• Your little one’s personal medicines, such as paracetamol, mosquito repellent lotions, or ointments
• The need to process food, for mothers who are running complementary foods. However, take it only when at all possible.
• Supplies on the go, you should store in a tightly closed insulated box. If you bring cooked food with you, avoid consuming it for more than 2 hours at room temperature to avoid the risk of food poisoning. Most importantly, make sure your food and cutlery is always clean!

Take to the toilet first before leaving

When it’s finished packing, then it’s time to leave soon! Before leaving, take your little one to the toilet first, and make sure he is full
Make sure the baby seat is installed correctly If you are traveling by car, make sure the baby seat is properly attached. If the child feels uncomfortable or motion sickness, it is best to pull over and rest for a while before continuing the journey.

When traveling by train, use a seat belt

If you travel by bus or train, use a seat belt and avoid your little one walking around the seat when the vehicle is moving.
When traveling by plane, make sure the child is wearing comfortable clothes
If you are traveling by air by plane, make sure that your little one uses comfortable clothes that make it easier for him to move around, and is not a hassle when he has to pass the inspection. As much as possible, choose a flight schedule that is not crowded and makes the child easy to sleep.