Experience to Japan You Should Prepare for a Tour to Japan If you want to fill a vacation, of course you need a careful planning so that the holiday can run smoothly. Even more so if our tourist destination has a climate that is completely different from where we lived before.A careful planning regarding vacation time, tourist destinations and budget are some of the main things that need to be prepared before we decide to take a vacation. Some of the things below are a few things to consider when tourists want to vacation in Japan.

Required documents

Visiting other countries is not as easy as we vacation on our own. There are various documents that need to be prepared in order to facilitate tourist holidays when in another country. For the country of Japan itself requires several documents that must be completed when you want to vacation there. First, the thing that needs to be prepared is the Visa as a recommendation for entry into Japan. You can make a visa by taking care of yourself or at a travel agent.

In addition, tourists must fulfill the requirements of a temporary visitor visa by including a passport, visa application forms that are accompanied by a photo, a photocopy of KTP, a photocopy of a student card or a certificate of study if still a student.In addition, including proof of ticket reservations and travel schedules are also important things that need to be prepared before applying for a holiday visa to Japan.
As information, to take care of this visa takes about 4 working days whereas if submitted to a travel agent takes more than two weeks.

Holiday time

Japan is located in the sub-tropical region, so this country is characterized by four seasons. The season will determine the atmosphere when visitors are there. Therefore, if visitors want to take a walk to Japan, don’t forget to consider the current season. Season considerations determine the atmosphere that can be felt by visitors. Do you want to enjoy the atmosphere of spring, autumn, summer, or winter. If you want to enjoy the beauty of cherry blossoms you should visit during the months of March to May as part of spring. If you want to enjoy the winter in Japan then you can then visit the northern regions of Japan to visit various ski resorts, including in Hokkaido and Tohuku and in the mountainous areas of Niigata and Nagano. For information, Japan experiences autumn around October, spring / sakura in March to June, autumn season in November, and December to January experiences winter.

Destination to be visited

Every vacation, of course, you consider what kind of vacation you want to enjoy. If you want to enjoy a vacation that aims to enjoy culture, you can visit various destinations that are still attached to Japanese culture. For example there are in Asakusa Temple, Kyoto Imperal Palace, and various temples that are still very much preserved cultural preservation. Then, if you want to take a vacation to enjoy the atmosphere with the city crowd you can visit the city of Tokyo as a metropolitan city. In that place you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the Japanese capital with various advances. If you want to try to enjoy the natural beauty and mountains in Japan, you can try to look for destinations in the mountains or the coast.

Costs that must be prepared

Although Japan is indeed famous for the cost of living and the cost for a vacation that is quite draining a bag, all that will change again because it adjusts to how your lifestyle. Different types of lifestyle will determine the cost of your vacation in Japan. The thing that distinguishes the amount of the cost for a vacation, among others, is determined by the airline used, then the accommodation where you will enjoy a vacation such as accommodation or hotel, then the last is food. The type and class of food you enjoy also greatly influences your budget. If you like to eat in large restaurants, of course, very different from the costs incurred when you enjoy food on the roadside or a small shop.

In addition to these three factors, mobility also determines the amount of the budget that you spend. Transportation as part of mobility largely determines the cost of your mobility. If you are willing to enjoy Japanese life by riding a variety of public vehicles such as ordinary trains or subways, of course it will be very friendly with your pocket. The budget also needs to be considered with the entrance fee of the tourist attraction. Some tourist attractions in Japan are available with free admission, but paid objects are also of course available and certainly very interesting to visit.The entrance ticket to each of these attractions also includes things to consider when arranging a budget when you travel to Japan.Lastly is the cost to shop. Going to a new place will be more memorable if tourists buy souvenirs in accordance with the area visited.But this can be suppressed if you can hold back and try not to starve the eyes of various things you see in tourist attractions.

Food consumed

Other things to consider when we are on vacation are determining which foods we will eat halal or non-halal, we are either meat eaters or vegetarians. As we have seen in many social media shows that Japan has a high eating tradition. So actually we don’t need to worry about the resources available there. Various foods are available ranging from meat, fish and vegetables. If you are a vegetarian, you can be sure before you leave, whether the airline provides vegetarian food or not, then don’t be tired to ask whether a restaurant provides halal food or not.
Recommendations about restaurants that provide halal food can you look for before you go on vacation.

Internet connection

Nowadays, a vacation will never feel complete without an internet connection. One way to get connected to an internet connection in Japan is to rent wifi. Rental of wifi like this is a must for tourists. One wifi rental that can be obtained in Japan is with Ninja wifi. This connection has become an idol because routers are installed at a low price and pass through the easy way to rent.

Determination of Tour and Travel Agents

The latter is the most important thing Determination of the right tour and travel is very influential on your vacation.Various considerations that you can use to choose a travel agent are cost, airline, destination, lodging, where to eat, and also the length of time each visit to a destination.

The initial step when he arrived in Japan

Each country, of course, seeks a security for its inhabitants. That’s a point we must remember. So, it will become commonplace that visitors must obey and comply with various rules that exist in a country, yaps not different from Japan. Some rules must be obeyed such as getting a permit to work or take a vacation through Residence Card (zairyu card) which can be obtained at our first airport.

Comply with every rule

Who doesn’t know that Japan is a country that is very famous for its timely culture? An orderly culture that is a compass of the culture obeying the rules of the countries in Asia. In addition, Japanese culture is very respectful of the queue. There is no such thing as grabbing to be in the forefront in a queue. For that, tourists must also follow these rules. A tradition was created to be respected.

Public Vehicle Tickets

Want to travel like Tokyo people in general? Of course, take advantage of public transportation! In the midst of modernization in Japan, they have greatly streamlined transportation by providing a variety of public transportation that can be enjoyed by everyone, First is using subway. To ride it requires a Tokyo Subway Ticket that can be obtained at the airport, as well as hotels, tourist information, or travel agencies. In addition, tourists can also use Suica or Pasmo, which is an electronic card. This card can also be used to take the bus or train. So don’t forget to ask earlier!