Airplane tickets are in hand, travel lists are available, luggage is packed. The moment to prepare for this holiday is the most thrilling and fun moment. How could it not be thrilling if you visit a region or a country that you have never visited before. Getting out of your comfort zone everyday will certainly make your life more colorful and fun. However, this pleasant trip could immediately put you in a bad mood if it turns out that the vacation that was planned long ago turns out to be carried out with your body condition that is not fit.

1. Get enough rest

Well, maybe this sounds really cliché. However, regardless of the journey, of course fatigue will come to anyone who travels, including those who fly using the airplane mode, especially for long haul flights. Being on a plane for a very long time can be really tiring and can lead to various health problems, such as jet lag, dehydration, and feeling tired quickly. Of course you don’t want your trip to turn into a trip that looks like a nightmare?

2. Relax With Yoga

Sitting too long in the airplane seat will cause your blood circulation to become unstable at several points in your body, making it prone to blood clots or swelling. So, let your body relax again by doing light exercise or yoga from your seat on the plane. Some of the poses that you can try to do on a plane are the yoga chair pose. After all, the long journey on the plane does not mean that it is an obstacle for you to do yoga from your seat. Your stiff body from sitting too long in stiff poses during a long journey needs to be flexed again through these simple, yet powerful, yoga movements.

3. Drink enough water

Lack of water causes the body to become dehydrated during the trip, which can cause weakness, difficulty concentrating, and headaches. The solution is to drink lots of water so that the toxins in the body can fade and make the skin healthier. However, please note, if you are someone who frequently goes to the toilet because of the high intensity of drinking water, you should choose a seat near the corridor so as not to disturb the person sitting next to you, rather than having to ask permission every time you have to go to the toilet. to the person to pass down the corridor to the toilet.

4. Avoid Flu Viruses

In Public Places In public places such as airports, terminals, or train stations, we often meet or come across people who are experiencing flu and cough symptoms. When you find something like this, try to keep a distance from them, at least 2 meters, in order to reduce your risk of contracting the disease. Remember, of course you don’t want your vacation to be uncomfortable because of the flu? If you think trying to stay away from that person has not been very effective, try wearing a mask to boost your immunity from catching the flu. Also drink lots of vitamin C so that your immune system is maintained during the holidays. Bye influenza!

5. Increase the intensity of washing hands

Wherever you are, objects around you contain lots of bacteria that can cause various diseases, such as colds, coughs, diarrhea, and other diseases that will interfere with your travel comfort. Clean your hands after touching ticket counters, ATMs, doorknobs, money, trash cans, and anything else that gets your hands dirty. These common objects are touched by many people every day so that they have the potential to contain many germs that are detrimental to human health. Just in case you don’t find a sink near you to wash your hands, always carry a hand sanitizer that is practical and can be used wherever you need to clean your hands.

6. Avoid this food and drink before boarding the plane

There are several types of food that are not eaten before the flight. The wrong choice of food will affect the condition of your body during the flight, such as the appearance of fatigue, dehydration, or pain after getting off the plane in the destination city. Before flying, it’s a good idea to avoid or reduce some of the foods and drinks below to create a comfortable atmosphere and keep your body in good shape during and after flying.