There may not be one best way to vacation in Hawaii, but there are many things that make you travel the wrong way. In order to travel to Aloha Country, you need to avoid these 12 traps. If no one tells you that vacations are a waste of tickets, the risk of getting a painful sting, and eating bland food, then you need to know those things to avoid unwanted things while vacationing in Hawaii.

Don’t Choose Beachfront Hotels

When imagining the perfect Hawaiian vacation, many people imagine a seaside hotel with ocean views. However, choosing accommodation away from the beach also has its advantages. First, you tend to pay less than pay for lodging with an ocean view. Second, you won’t get stuck on the beach. Basically every hotel beach, also public beach that you can enjoy.
If you don’t have the option, camping by the beach is more likely to give you a truly memorable vacation in Hawaii. And if you don’t choose to stay at a resort, chances are you’ll also eat better food and see more of the island.

Don’t Forget About Resort Alternatives

There may not be many lodging options because there is a lot of sand in Hawaii. With water slides and swimming bars, resort hotels get the most attention; however, if you are looking for an excellent resort overall quality you should consider other options as well.
Like hotels, vacation rentals span a spectrum between affordable and upscale. There are already kitchen facilities, a living room, and often special extras like a toaster and washer / dryer too. Holiday resorts here offer more space and amenities like hotels.

Car rental

If you don’t just want to relax at the resort and do nothing but relax by the pool, sleep on the beach, swim and eat, then you need to rent a car. Hawaii provides awe-inspiring splendor beyond the resort areas, and you’ll need a car to visit many of these extraordinary places. Hidden beaches, volcanic peaks, wild valleys and thundering waterfalls beckon from the end of the long, winding highway. It is only accessible to those willing to drive (and sometimes hike) for the sights. Keep in mind that many car rentals in Hawaii limit certain places where you can and cannot drive a rental car without wheels. 4. If you plan to venture on unpaved roads, compare the policies with the rental agency and type of car. And if you are under the age of 25 and planning to rent a car, there are other rules to watch out for.

Don’t Assume You Will Get a Rental Car Quickly

When you land in Hawaii after a long flight to start your vacation, then go to pick up a rental car, that’s when you realize other people are also heading to one of the several car rental agencies at the airport. And then will you wait in unpredictable times.
Patience is key, but there are certain steps you can take to speed up the process. Join the car rental agency’s loyalty program before you leave. This allows you to have the right to get a rental car in advance so you don’t have to queue and wait.
In no case should you do something as elaborate as trying third party car rental insurance. Remember: Patience, preparation, simplicity.

Don’t Eat Too Often

What happens when you take a loaf of bread (or just flour to make bread) and ship it 2,000 miles? People who buy food in Hawaii will feel the price increase there. There is no other way, eating in Hawaii is very expensive. Not only in fancy places, but also local establishments and even grocery stores. You can still save some money by spending your food supplies. The frugal breakfast here is pretty straightforward: Head to the local market, buy cereal and milk, then store it in the small refrigerator. If you want to be a little more frugal, save sandwiches and snacks to make it a lunch menu. After all, having a picnic while having lunch is perfect for a vacation on the beach.

Don’t Underestimate Hawaiian Food

There is plenty of Hawaiian food besides tropical meats and fruits. Over the past decade, Hawaii has proudly demonstrated its local cuisine, finding new and better ways to manage its bountiful agricultural produce and rich culture. How do you find culinary delights in the Hawaiian Islands? Namely, by hunting down culinary delights while you are having an appetite. You can also buy food at the farmers market to taste the freshest ingredients. Try some local vodka made with sugar from sugar cane and mineral sea water.
Stop at a roadside stall for some smoothies. Explore the coffee plantation, then enjoy a fresh cup of local brew. Get into the line at the food vendor for some shaved ice. You can enjoy furikake chicken at local restaurants, and eat lazyada (Hawaiian-Portuguese donuts) and manju (sweet buns filled with coconut, sweet potato, and other dishes) that will pamper your palate. Try lunch with a menu of saimin, poke, and other local foods that you find there.

Don’t Forget To Use Sunscreen

Most people don’t use enough sunscreen, and don’t re-apply it often enough. This applies to children too. If sunscreen application is thick at first and needs to be reapplied every 90 minutes in the sun, this seems to be a pain during the holidays. So try to emphasize this to yourself: You are on vacation. That means you don’t spend time replying to work emails, running errands, reorganizing the kitchen, or going on round trips. This time most of your time is dedicated to fun and relaxation. So consider this one as a must-do.

Do not linger on the same beach

All beaches in Hawaii are public. Even if you are in a luxury resort, or are surrounded by a certain gated community, or are restricted by private property, the beach should be accessible and open to everyone. Each Hawaiian beach offers a slightly different touch: there are tranquil lava pools and meandering sea turtles, stunning black sand, vivid blue waters, large resort beaches filled with lounge chairs, and everything else. No beaches are the same here.

There are other places in Hawaii besides beaches

Yes, Hawaii is famous for its beaches. People come from all over the world to sunbathe on its beaches. However if your trip ends only at the beach, then you will miss the rich Hawaiian culture and diverse natural beauty of the islands. Learn about Hawaiian history and strong cultural identity at its historical sites and cultural centers. Explore its natural beauty in the botanical garden by hiking or cycling. Enjoy the rhythm of local life in its small towns. Your curiosity will pay off here.

Don’t Hire a Snorkel in Hawaii

Let’s talk about snorkeling rentals. Yes, of course they do, but the snorkel has to get in your mouth. Do you share a snorkel that some foreigners already use? What if the heart isn’t cleaned very well?
All germs removed, there will be a cost issue. If you only want to rent a snorkel for an hour or two to see a few turtles, or stingrays, or brightly colored fish, then it might be a little less costly. But snorkeling in Hawaii is quite addicting, and once you’ve done it once, you may feel like swimming without your snorkel gear is like going to an amazing museum with an eye patch.
So what do you need to do? Head to a larger city and find a Costco, Target, or other large store. There, you’ll find snorkel gear starting at around $ 20 for the mask-snorkel combination. Or, you can bring it yourself from home.