When planning a vacation abroad, surely you will determine where you are going to go. After determining you must know, the country you choose is safe or not to visit. Don’t let you lack information in something like this. You should think twice before coming to a country that is indeed dangerous 9 Countries in the world are unsafe countries to visit. But for example, if you already ordered a ticket and are reluctant to cancel it, then you must have a strategy to come to that country! Check out the following discussion, so you know what to do when you come to this dangerous country!

1. It seems that women should think twice about coming to India alone

One country that is less friendly to female tourists is India. There are many rape cases heard there. So, for example, you will be desperate to come to India, you also have to prepare several strategies or methods. For example, never go out alone and never go out with strangers. You also have to avoid night trips.

2. Robbery cases in Vietnam are often heard, so you also have to be careful when you are there

Even though you walk in a group. You have to stay alert when you are in Vietman. Lots of robbery cases that occur to a foreign tourist. If you come to Vietnam, you also have to be able to make a strategy by not going alone and walking in a quiet place. Even in choosing transportation, you have to consider safety too. Better to use safe transportation, for example using an uber taxi.

3. Never come to Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, and Songkhala Provinces when you go to Thailand

Although Thailand is one of the favorite countries of travelers. But, in reality, this white elephant country is included in the ranks of a dangerous country. Indeed, not all regions. Only in the provinces of Yala, Pattani, Narathiwat, and Songkhala. These four areas are considered dangerous guys. Because in the last 13 years there were more than 6,500 people died due to violence.
If you want to vacation in Thailand, you should avoid this area. Mending a trip to an area that is friendly to tourists, such as Bangkok,
Phuket, Pattaya, or Krabi.

4. The extreme weather makes Bangladesh an unsafe country for tourists to visit

I think you have to be careful when visiting Bangladesh. You must know and understand the changing seasons that are there. The country is not safe not only because of its terrorist attacks, but natural disasters often occur. So you also have to keep monitoring the natural conditions there if you want to come to Bangladesh.

5. Shootout cases in the Philippines have become a terrible scourge for tourists

If you are forced to come there. You also have to know a situation that is safe to visit. Kidnapping cases are rife in the Philippines, especially in the Sulu Islands and the South Sulu Sea. Looks like you have to avoid the area so you don’t become a victim of kidnapping.

6. Looks like you need a bodyguard to protect you while in South Africa

The high crime rate in South Africa means many citizens hire a security guard to protect them. The reason is that there are so many cases of rape and murder that have occurred in the country.

7. Beautiful beaches in Brazil, sometimes make you reluctant to stop yourself from coming to Brazil


Beaches in Brazil attract tourists, but who would have thought that this country was apparently not safe for tourists. Lots of robbery and kidnapping cases in Brazil. If you want to take a trip there, it looks like you have to have acquaintances first or maybe you can join a trusted tour package to accompany you on a trip around Brazil.

8. If South Korea is your favorite destination, then it seems like you should avoid North Korea

The most terrible thing is that you can be accused of all kinds without any defense coming out of your mouth, you know! The solution, if you want to go there, you have to keep an attitude and not be able to carelessly speak and say.

9. Are you sure you are going to Pakistan?

Pakistan has long been known as a country with a low level of security. Apart from political issues, this country is also located close to Afghanistan. You know that even Afghanistan is not safe?
So, if you feel unsure of the situation in Pakistan, you better discourage going there. Travel to a safe Middle Eastern country, for example; Egypt, Qatar, or Oman.