Traditional food that is formulated with original herbs and spices makes it not only delicious on the tongue but also healthy. some countries in the world are known to have delicious culinary arts that make it a culinary tourism spot
10 Countries Have The World’s Tasty Traditional Food

1. Indonesia

The country with the most delicious food, first there is Indonesia. Indonesia itself is a country that has thousands of dishes or original foods that have been around for a long time and are still around. Indonesia is famous for its spice-style cuisine which is where Indonesian spices are the place to be. No wonder there are many traditional Indonesian foods that have distinctive and unique flavors. As a country that has thousands of special foods, of course Indonesia has several foods that have been recognized by the world.

2. Japan

Japan is a country in Asia that is already very advanced and recognized by the international community. All fields in Japan always get attention, including the food there. Japan has many traditional menus or authentic foods whose delights have been recognized by the world. These foods include Sushi and Ramen, both of which are authentic Japanese food that has spread to various countries in the world, one of which is Indonesia. That’s because the food is really delicious.

3. Spain

Spain is a country that is famous for its matador culture but not only that which is known from Spain, cuisine or food from Spain is also famous and has been recognized worldwide. Some of the traditional or typical foods from this country of matador already have a place in the hearts of many people and the famous Spanish food is tortillas, paella, empanadas and others. Spain is known to have dishes with unique distinctive flavors and of course very delicious.

4. Thailand

Countries in ASEAN apart from Indonesia which are included in the country with the most delicious cuisine in the world is Thailand. This country has a taste that is actually almost the same as other countries in Asean, but Thailand has its own taste where the average good food there tastes spicy and sour. One of the foods that has been recognized by the world is Pad Thai. Many culinary lovers already understand the delicacy of this traditional or Thai food.

5. England

Elizabeth or England is also one of the countries with delicious traditional food in the world. Many foods from England are well known to the world because it is a matter of taste, British cuisine is very easy to enjoy, meaning that many people are compatible with the food from there. British culture itself prefers to serve foods that are easy to serve without the hassle, for example, grilled meats, milk bread pies, potatoes and others that are easy but very tasty and very familiar.

6. USA

America is a country that has a delicious concept of cuisine and is different from its characteristics. American-style food is one of the most popular and has a taste that is easy for everyone to enjoy. For the food itself, it does have a slightly mixed taste with other countries, but still America has delicious food that has been recognized by the world, one proof of this is the spread of American fast food restaurants in various countries in the world.

7. China

As a country with the largest population in the world, China has a variety of processed traditional dishes or specialties that have been widely recognized for their delicacy, even Chinese cuisine is very familiar in various countries including Indonesia. Processed noodles, rice with its distinctive spices make Chinese dishes have a distinctive taste that cannot be found in dishes from other countries. With its delicious cuisine, China is included in the country with the most delicious cuisine and of course everyone has tasted it.

8. France

This fashion country is indeed famous for having many characteristics ranging from tourist attractions, shopping places and what is no less characteristic, namely traditional or typical food. France has a variety of different dishes from other countries, which means that it is very thick. From snacks like bread and biscuits to heavy dishes all of them taste absolutely delicious. This can also be proven by the number of typical French restaurants spread throughout the world.

9. India

India is one of the countries with the most delicious food in the world, and the matter of taste and characteristics is unquestionable. India is also rich in unique spices and seasonings in each of its dishes. Many traditional Indian dishes have been recognized for their delicacy by the world, which is of course very thick. If you visit there, in each region it will be very easy to find places that sell various foods and specialties there.

10. Italy

Everyone must have known that cuisine and food from Italy has characteristics and delights that cannot be found in other foods. Italy as a country with Roman culture certainly has dishes that can still be tasted from ancient times until now and its original taste is still preserved. Many Italian dishes or Italian specialties that are already worldwide call it the most famous one is pizza. Of course everyone already knows this food menu and most have tasted it.