Many people like horror films or scary stories, and some even go to scary places to test their courage. Such as old buildings, old houses, forests, or other places. The places that make the hair stand upright can attract the attention of many people and can even be used as tourist attractions. If tours are usually places of beauty and enchantment, did you know that there are some of the scariest tourist attractions in the world? Even in the world there are so many dangerous and mysterious places. Like places that are old and even very old, because the historical stories in them are scary locations for most people.

9 Most Scariest Tourist Places in the World


Castelul Corninilor Hunedoara Romania

The world’s scariest tour of Castelul Corninilor is a palace that is said to have housed Vlad The Impaler (the tale of the dracula) in prison within seven years. The locals and guides of this place claim that the palace architecture is so amazing that it makes one’s imagination run beyond its limits. Many ghost sightings were seen in this palace.

Tanah Toraja Indonesia

Even though today is a modern era, people in Indonesia still believe in cultural and noble values ​​by frequently performing religious rituals passed down from their ancestors. The people of Tana Toraja adhere to animism which must hold a traditional burial ceremony, namely burying a baby in a tree, the ma’nene tradition, and the tau tau tradition.

The baby is buried without any cloth, including the shroud, so that it is the same when in the mother’s womb. Babies are descendants of Toraja and have not grown teeth when they die and are buried in the Tarra tree hole. Then the hole is closed with woven fibers. The position of the hole in the Tarra Tree is also adjusted to the caste or social class of the family.

Bhangarh Fort Rundh Bhangarh India

Bhangarh fort at Rundh Bhangarh India is known as the most spooky place in India and is one of the most terrifying tourist spots in the world. Visitors who come to this place are prohibited from being in a dark place because the collapsed fortress is said to be considered a place of activity for clever or paranormal people.

The Queen Marry of California, United States

The Queen Marry is the name of a ship. This ship tells of a young crew member who was found dead in the ship’s compartment which contained a boiler and heating equipment or a steam generator.

Ancient Ram Inn Wotton Under Edge England

The Ancient Ram Inn is the scariest place in England and one of the most terrifying tourist spots in the world. Ancient Ram Inn is an inn that was built in 1145 on the land of the Pagan Cemetery, where the land is thought to be a place for human indulgences, satanic rituals, or witch burning. The guests who have stayed at this place claim to see ghosts hanging around. In fact, the guests were so scared that they jumped out of the window.

United States Myrtles Plantation

Myrtles Plantation is a former plantation in the Louisiana area of ​​the United States. In this place, there are many creepy mystical things and creepy appearances that make goosebumps. Told by local residents that the most frequently seen ghost is the ghost of a young girl dressed in antebellum.

Hotel Mountain Park South Africa

Hotel Mountain Park is a very old and scary hotel. It is said that the legend tells that there are ghosts including a ghost who resembles the original owner and a daughter named Mathilda. Currently the Mountain Park Hotel is used as a place for ghost hunting by psychics.

Karni Mata Temple of India

Karni Mata Temple is the most respected temple in India. However, this temple is so disgusting and creepy that anyone who comes immediately creeps see it. Karni Mata Temple is a temple inhabited by thousands of black rats. The black rats were allowed to roam, even the rats were highly respected and believed to be able to provide blessings in someone’s life. The story of the rat begins with the stepson of the Hindu god Karni Mata who drowned in a pool, then Karni Mata begged Lord Yama, the god of death, to bring him back to life. Dewa Yama also granted Karni Mata’s request, but because of his status as a stepson, he came back to life as a mouse.

Mexican Doll Island

Do you remember the horror film Annabelle and Chucky, which was made very human-like with empty eyes, very scary isn’t it. But if you don’t feel horrified by these dolls, try visiting the Island Of The Dolls, the world’s scariest tourist spot in Mexico. It is called a doll island because there are hundreds of dolls hanging from the lush trees. Of course, this view makes goosebumps coupled with the story of the mystery on this island, makes you want to leave immediately. The story was that 50 years ago, a girl who had died was found hugging a doll. And since then the people who feel sorry and pity began to hang dolls as a form of mourning. And over time, the hanging dolls become rotten and messy. The atmosphere was even more sinister, coupled with the admission of some visitors who had heard the whispers of the spirits of girls playing in the trees.