Is this weekend you are invited to vacation by camping the first time in the open. But you are confused about what important things you should take away. This time we will make a list. Whether it’s for a tour of the campground, mountains or the coast, here are some important personal items that must be brought to camp.


Camping activity is identical to a large mountain backpack. But it depends on how long you will be away and the items that must be carried. No need for a carrier of dozens of liters if you only need to bring clothes and personal equipment.

But special backpacks for outdoor activities are more friendly to the shoulders and backs than backpacks that are used to go casual. If you don’t have one, you can also borrow friends first.

Outdoor shoes or sandals

Footwear suitable for outdoor activities should be worn. This is because special footwear is specifically designed so that tips and can minimize risks when traveling long distances in the wild.

Rain coat

Not a raincoat, but a suit that can hold water. This type of jacket is important when carrying out outdoor activities. Especially in Indonesia, which still often rains and has a lot of rainforest.

Rain coat

Raincoats or ponchos are also important stored in your bag to prevent the body from getting rained on. If you can, bring or buy a raincoat with pants to protect your lower body from getting wet.

Sleeping bag

Sleeping bags are also important items to carry when camping, especially if in high altitudes that tend to be cold. Sleeping bag can also be a friend to sleep if you want to try to rest the night on the beach without a tent.


Headlights or flashlights also need to be brought if you are going to spend one or two nights outdoors. Elain to guide the road, this can also be used as tent lights. But don’t forget to bring a spare battery.


Snacks for personal use need to be brought and stored for your trip outside the room which might make you delay hunger occasionally.

Personal medicine

Personal medicines need to be taken not only for your needs but also for preparation when there are road friends who need them. Wound cleansers, headaches, stomach ulcers, allergy medicines and warm oil at least in your bag.