The area where tribes live in the interior is always interesting to visit, especially tourists who love cultural tourism. but wait, are you ready with a number of environmental differences that exist? Visiting the house of a tribe in the interior is certainly not the same as visiting the house of ordinary people in a village. Usually, the mystical atmosphere is still very much felt. Various regulations are still in effect without being written, acting wrong, you could be subject to customary law.

1. Learn local customs

Before leaving for the interior, find out about the customs that apply there. What things are prohibited and allowed. Also find out what penalties are given if outsiders violate these rules. You certainly don’t want to be exposed to customary law, right?

2. Don’t panic

Once on location, the first thing to remember is not to panic. Don’t panic or even show an exaggerated expression of surprise when you see the environmental conditions of the local indigenous tribes. If you show an expression that is too shocked, it might be considered rude.

3. Maintain good manners

Maintain good manners? Of course this is a mandatory thing that must be done. Pay attention to your every behavior while you are there. Don’t act arrogant because you come from the city. Be friendly by smiling and bowing your head to everyone you see. Also take care of every word that comes out of your mouth, lest it hurt the feelings of the local people. Wrong, you can be subject to customary law.

4. Don’t be charming

Even if you have to be friendly, this doesn’t mean you are over the top. Smile as naturally as possible to everyone, especially the opposite sex. Smiling or overly friendly terms can attract local residents. Remember, anything can happen in the interior, including forced marriage.

5. Beware of blackmail

Even though you are in a rural area, that doesn’t mean you should avoid extortion. Usually, local residents can take advantage of the situation by blackmailing the newcomers, for example if you hit a resident’s pet, the hitman can be asked for compensation at a towering price.