Not only backpacks and suitcases, there are actually 6 types of bags for traveling

Backpacks and suitcases are common as things that are usually used while on vacation. But actually, there are other types of travel bags that can be used. Traveling certainly cannot be separated from carrying a bag because all your belongings and necessities while traveling can be well organized in a bag.

Everyone has their own choice when choosing a bag when traveling according to their destination and how long it takes to travel. Starting from a backpack, waist bag, or suitcase, there are several choices of bags that can be used when traveling. However, it should be noted, mistakes in choosing a bag can make your traveling uncomfortable. As a consideration, we provide recommendations for several types of bags that you can carry traveling, starting from covering materials, sizes and prices, we explain in this article.

1. Personal bag

When traveling, you need to bring a bag to store the things you need at any time, such as cellphones, wallets, power banks, cameras, passports, chargers, headsets, notebooks, tissue, makeup, drinking bottles or small towels. Small items that can be used at any time when stored in a suitcase or packing cubes will certainly be difficult to retrieve because the large bags carried are mixed together with clothes and other items, besides that if you take a plane, suitcases and other large bags will be put in the baggage. This personal bag is almost the same as a carrier bag, the difference lies in the size of the two bags. Personal … Read More

Want to Reduce Traveling Expenses? Don’t Bring These 8 Vacation Items!

Holidays will certainly feel more enjoyable if you don’t have too much luggage. What items do travelers not really need to bring when on vacation or traveling?

In order for the tour to run smoothly, travelers should do the packing cleverly. Check all the items that will be carried carefully and separate items that are useless out of the bag. Beginning travelers should not fill your bag or suitcase with unnecessary equipment or items around tourist attractions. This method will certainly make your vacation moments feel more comfortable because the bag is not too heavy.

What items don’t really need to be brought along on vacation? Here are 8 of them. Please check it!

1. Unused Equipment

When going on vacation, some travelers are known to like to carry extra items just in case. You shouldn’t imitate this habit because the burden of traveling will increase so that mobility is at risk of being hampered. Therefore, bring enough vacation equipment without overdoing it. Travelers are encouraged to bring clothes that are suitable for the conditions of the tourist destination. Make sure the clothes are really worn during the holidays. In addition, don’t forget to prepare a maximum of two pairs of shoes. Look for shoes that are comfortable and can be combined with various clothes. If you need new clothes or shoes suddenly, visit shops around tourist attractions. Of course, you can make these items as sweet memories after the holidays.

2. Toiletries

Toiletries also don’t need to be brought … Read More

Causes and Ways to Overcome Motion sickness

When traveling long distances, there are several things that often make traveling uncomfortable, such as car sickness for example. Here’s how to fix it Travel is not always sweet. Sometimes, there are things that make us feel uncomfortable, one of which is a motion sickness symptom which is synonymous with feelings of nausea, dizziness, cold sweat, and vomiting.

Why do we get nausea, dizziness, and cold sweat to vomit while in a vehicle?


That the cause of motion sickness is due to two factors, namely body balance and disease history. This balance disturbance factor itself occurs because our eyes and ears are disturbed because of the moving vehicle, causing symptoms of spinning heads, nausea, and vomiting.
Meanwhile, the history of disease here is only limited to certain diseases, one of which is the history of vertigo which also attacks the balance organ where the symptoms will appear if it is driven by things that disturb the balance organs such as riding a vehicle. The second is due to historical factors such as history of vertigo in which vertigo is a disease that attacks the balance organs. The pain will recur if it is triggered by an attack that disturbs the balance organs.


Measures to prevent motion sickness


1. Before getting on the vehicle, fill your stomach first (eat). Don’t let the stomach be empty.
2. Take anti-vomiting medication.
3. When riding a vehicle try not to drink soft drinks, eat foods that can trigger nausea (usually each … Read More