For a backpacker, a backpack is certainly a friend to accompany every trip. Carrying one large backpack is considered sufficient to hold all of your belongings for two to three days. However, there is always a word beginner in everything. Beginner backpackers will be confused when they first pack by relying on only one backpack. Moreover, there are enough items to support the days during the holidays. Actually, this can be dealt with with the right packing tricks. No need to be afraid that the backpack will feel heavy, because by following these methods you are guaranteed to be able to backpack comfortably. So, so that traveling becomes fun, here are the packing tips for backpackers.

Bring clothes that are lightweight and do not wrinkle easily

Sometimes beginner backpackers are still confused about how many clothes to bring. For the sake of a lighter backpack load, then bring enough items. Prioritize the items that will be used later. Even if your trip takes a long time, then deal with it by washing your own clothes or laundry to save the number of clothes you bring. This applies not only to clothes, but also to jeans and others.

In addition, choose luggage that doesn’t wrinkle easily when used, such as satin, polyester and lycra. Even so, still adjust your clothing needs to the weather of the destination location, whether tropical, subtropical, or four seasons. This method will really help you in determining how many clothes to bring.

Prepare toiletries in sachet size

If you stay at a star hotel or lodging, usually toiletries such as soap and shampoo are provided free of charge. You can also bring the rest of the toiletries like a toothbrush and toothpaste. Bring the travel size, in order to save space in the backpack. However, if the place you stay does not provide toiletries, then prepare sachet size toiletries, the number of which you can adjust to the length of your trip. Even if the amount is not enough, you can buy it in the destination city.

Bring one shoe that fits all clothes

In order to look fashionable when traveling, people are often willing to bring more than one shoe. However, if you already have a high backpacker and adventurous spirit, then the thing that you must prioritize is comfort while on vacation. Instead of bringing two shoes, you should use shoes that are suitable for all clothes. Apart from being practical, bringing one of the most comfortable shoes will also make traveling a pleasure.

Store electronic items in a waterproof container

Compared to carrying a suitcase, carrying a backpack is indeed more risky when it rains. However, you can work around this by using a waterproof backpack or waterproof backpack, thus guaranteeing the luggage inside. Even though you have used a waterproof backpack, it is obligatory to keep packing all electronic items in one waterproof ziplock container.

Roll the clothes as small as possible

For beginner backpackers who are still unfamiliar with a concise packing technique, they will definitely rack their brains in organizing all their belongings in one backpack. Well, there really is no standard on how many clothes to bring because it all comes back to necessity. If you really don’t want to bring too many clothes, then worry about it by washing, but if you want to bring a few more clothes then use the rolled clothes method.

Roll up all the clothes as small as possible so they fit in the backpack. Many people say that rolling up clothes is one of the arts of being a backpacker. Therefore, to become a backpacker you must learn to do things that are out of the ordinary, including in matters of packing.

Arrange the clothes from the heaviest

Before arranging the luggage, make sure you know the proper arranging technique so that all the items you carry can be neatly arranged. Choose the items with the heaviest weight to put in the lowest place, then stack them with the lighter items on top, and so on. Anyway, make sure the right and left sides of your backpack are evenly weighted so that the backpack will feel lighter when carried.

If you don’t want back pain during the trip, it’s important to make the backpack balanced. However, especially for clothes that are very heavy, such as jackets or coats, you should wear these jackets to reduce the burden on the backpack. If the trip is still in tropical weather, you can tie a jacket around your waist or just carry it.

As much as possible leave more space in the backpack

The habit of buying souvenirs seems to have become a culture for Indonesian travelers. So, in order to carry more souvenirs, one way you can do this is by leaving more space in your backpack. Or, you can also bring a lightweight foldable bag, so you can store all your gifts in a foldable bag. To get a quality foldable bag, you can buy it at Bukalapak.

Use a waist bag to store important items

Travel backpacks are usually equipped with lots of pockets that can be used to store small items. Even though you can store all of your belongings in a backpack, but especially for important items or documents, you still have to separate them. Use a waist bag to store cellphones, wallets and passports. In addition, you can also put electronic items such as chargers and mp3s in your waist bag, considering that these two items will be used more often.