Maybe there are still a lot of doubts that surround t-mates’ hearts, especially for girls to do solo travel or vacation alone to the destination they want to go to. But in fact, girls prefer vacations than boys, you know!
According to the research group Yesawich, Pepperdien, Brown & Russel, as many as 87{bb0d14df601a1627ab5f31ed126a79d3c839d0f8d0404f1f3f1fa7f4f2699f35} of girls turned out to go on vacation to see beautiful and amazing views, while only 72{bb0d14df601a1627ab5f31ed126a79d3c839d0f8d0404f1f3f1fa7f4f2699f35} of men. Well! What’s even more amazing is that more girls go on solo trips or vacations alone than boys! In fact, as many as 73{bb0d14df601a1627ab5f31ed126a79d3c839d0f8d0404f1f3f1fa7f4f2699f35} of girls go on vacations alone because they want to uphold independence and feel that they are competent enough to explore and have adventures on their own.

5 Solo Vacation Tips for Girls

 1. Research Vacation Places

Before taking a vacation on your own, especially for those of you who are doing it for the first time, it’s a good idea to find out where your vacation is in depth. What is the tradition there and the number of crimes that occur. How local people behave; friendly or individualistic and how to react to it. What you can and can’t do while at your vacation spot. The research you do is solely so that you are not surprised at the place you just visited and can prevent bad things from happening.

2. Prepare for Personal Protection

When you decide to go on vacation on your own, you should have prepared your “war kit” just in case. You can bring pepper spray that can be used at any time if you feel threatened and anxious to feel followed when walking in a dark place or carrying a small knife that you tuck in your pants pocket. Don’t forget to always stay connected with your closest family and friends. Tell them where you are and what you are doing. Give them the plane number and the name of the hotel you are staying at. At least, security is not only in you, but also eliminates feelings of worry for those closest to you.

3. Do not Bring Expensive / Valuable Items

To avoid feelings of loss and regret, you don’t need to carry valuables with you while traveling solo. You may forget or you are careless so that your valuables are stolen by other people. Instead of crying over Bombay and regretting it later on, you better put your precious and memorable items at home and not bring them.

4. Dress like a local resident

This is how important you do your research before you go on vacation on your own. You can find out what you can and cannot wear while there. What’s more, you can wear what is appropriate and acceptable according to their culture or not. Remember, that while on vacation in other places, we are just visiting guests. Better yet, you can also buy clothes that are often used by the locals. Besides being able to feel like a local, you can also make the clothes in the place of origin as souvenirs. Is that right?