Backpacks and suitcases are common as things that are usually used while on vacation. But actually, there are other types of travel bags that can be used. Traveling certainly cannot be separated from carrying a bag because all your belongings and necessities while traveling can be well organized in a bag.

Everyone has their own choice when choosing a bag when traveling according to their destination and how long it takes to travel. Starting from a backpack, waist bag, or suitcase, there are several choices of bags that can be used when traveling. However, it should be noted, mistakes in choosing a bag can make your traveling uncomfortable. As a consideration, we provide recommendations for several types of bags that you can carry traveling, starting from covering materials, sizes and prices, we explain in this article.

1. Personal bag

When traveling, you need to bring a bag to store the things you need at any time, such as cellphones, wallets, power banks, cameras, passports, chargers, headsets, notebooks, tissue, makeup, drinking bottles or small towels. Small items that can be used at any time when stored in a suitcase or packing cubes will certainly be difficult to retrieve because the large bags carried are mixed together with clothes and other items, besides that if you take a plane, suitcases and other large bags will be put in the baggage. This personal bag is almost the same as a carrier bag, the difference lies in the size of the two bags. Personal bag is smaller than a carrier bag. Therefore, this bag is also suitable for a one-day vacation or to tourist attractions that are still in the city without having to add a carrier bag or suitcase.

2. Carrier

For those of you who like to travel long distances for a long period of time, but don’t want to bother with carrying a large wheeled suitcase, a carrier bag can answer your needs. Carrier bags can fit all your belongings from clothes, toiletries, sandals, and cameras. Especially when you are exploring a place that is rarely visited by people or there are no shops to buy something you need, you need to bring all your own needs. In choosing a carrier bag, you also need to adjust how many items you carry because carrier bags have various sizes ranging from 30 liters to 70 liters. If you are traveling short and short use the 30-40 liter size. Unlike you traveling with a stay of one to two nights, you need a carrier bag with a size of 50-55 liters. And when you travel long distances, wear a 60-70 liter carrier bag. Carrier bag prices vary from 300 thousand to millions of rupiah according to size and brand.

3. Shopping bag

In some traveling destination countries, they do not provide shopping bags and prohibit the use of plastic bags. You can overcome this by bringing a shopping bag other than plastic. You can buy cloth bags with spunbond, ripstop or canvas material. The flexible fabric makes it easy for you to fold when not in use, so it’s very practical. Besides being environmentally friendly, this bag can be used multiple times, plus an attractive colorful bag.

4. Packing cubes

Using a travel bag packing cubes model makes it easy for you to organize your belongings.
After arranging the goods in packing cubes, you can put the packing cubes in the suitcase, however, your belongings are still neat and not scattered in the suitcase. The packing cubes that are sold in the market vary, some consist of 4 sizes of cubes from the largest to the smallest, some are consisting of 7 cubes. You can buy packing cubes with prices ranging from 160 thousand to 1.5 million

5. Toiletry bag

When traveling, you will be greatly helped by bringing a toiletry bag because your toiletry and skincare equipment can be well organized in toiletry. Lots of toiletries and scattered in various places will be very troublesome, so using the toiletry bag will be more effective.

6. Suitcase

Wheeled luggage bags are synonymous with luxury travel or business trips, but actually using a suitcase can make you comfortable when traveling because you don’t have to carry a bag that can make your shoulders hurt. By using a suitcase, you can transport all your vacation needs. Including when you buy lots of souvenirs, you can put them in your suitcase. By using a suitcase, your business trip can also run smoothly because you can put all the formal clothes and shoes you need, complete with all the make up and straightening tools you can enter in the suitcase.