The continent of Africa has one of the highest peaks in the world. Kilimanjaro is included in the list of the seven highest peaks in the world. Apart from that, Kilimanjaro is also known for his amazing charm. The snow that adorns the peak can make the heart cool and spoil the eyes. This mountain also has a number of interesting facts as reported by ultimatekilimanjaro. What are they? Check out the reviews!

1. Highest in Africa

Kilimanjaro managed to beat his competitors. Mount Kenya is only able to be in second place. Meanwhile, Kilimanjaro firmly occupies the top position as the peak and also the highest mountain in Africa with a height of 5,895 m.

2. Stand alone

Most of the tallest mountains in the world are located in mountain ranges. Like Everest which is part of the Himalayas. In contrast to Kilimanjaro, if you look closely, it seems that the mountain is standing on its own. There are no other mountains around. This makes Kilimanjaro the highest mountain in the world that stands alone.

3. Close to the equator

The peak of Mount Kilimanjaro is known for its snow. Even so, this mountain is actually close to the equator. In theory, the intensity of sunlight received is greater. So that snow is unlikely to form. Research says that the snow originates and is formed from the ice age. Currently, the snow is in danger of disappearing due to rampant forest destruction.

4. Not active but not dead

Kilimanjaro is now in inactive status. The last eruption that occurred in the past is very long. However, this mountain still emits light volcanic materials. The aroma of sulfuric gas typical of volcanoes is still often felt when climbers visit this mountain. This shows that Kilimanjaro is not really dead.

5. Have many names

Photo: Pixabay There are many versions of the name of Mount Kilimanjaro. Kilima means mountain and njaro means white. Then there are those who call it a caravan mountain because it can be seen from various distant places by the caravans / groups. There is also another term, namely kibo. Those are a series of facts that adorn Kilimanjaro. If you are interested in visiting it, do it right away! Because the snow is melting!