Climbing the mountain certainly needs to bring a variety of supporting equipment in carrying out activities during the climb. Including a compass that is used as a direction so you don’t get lost. But, you can use the compass correctly Hiking is indeed one of the activities favored by many people. This activity, which is also a means of recreation, also provides a different experience. However, mountain climbing activities also require excellent physical strength and condition. Not only that, some special skills are also needed during the climbing process.

One of them is the skill to use a compass. Although sometimes, climbers are accompanied by professionals who understand each hiking trail. But there is nothing wrong if every climber understands how to use a compass properly. Even though it’s not easy and requires accuracy, you can learn how to use a compass properly, bro. Check out the full review below!

Find Location

How to use the correct compass can be divided into 2 parts. The first part is to find out where you are first. In this case at least it is necessary to find 2 famous places, such as mountains or lakes. The more you find the landmark, the easier it will be to determine your direction well. Here are some ways to use a compass that need to be prepared:

1. Using a compass, point the map in the correct cardinal direction. Namely the north that leads to the north, not actually the south direction and so on.
2. Take the direction of famous landmarks or locations and be the first reference. How to align the arrow direction with the selected landmark. Then turn the bezel until the needle is aligned with the mark for north. Please note, the number next to the index line is your direction.
3. On the map, place one corner of the compass straight line on the landmark. Rotate the entire compass needle until the needle aligns north on the bezel. Outline with a pencil.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for other landmarks. If you have found the point of intersection, it is estimated that it is your location.

How to get to the desired location

The next way to use the compass is to determine the direction to the desired location. This is done right after finding the location where you are. Then you can use a compass to go to any location on the map you want. Here’s how to use a compass to get to locations that are practicable:

• Place the corner of the compass base plate at the location where you are. Then rotate the entire compass until a straight line forms a line between the location and the destination to be achieved.
• Rotate the bezel until the gridlines on the base plate match the gridlines on the map.
• Read the number next to the index day. This figure shows your direction.
• Rotate your body until the north arrow on the bezel matches the compass needle. Then the arrow will show the path to reach the desired destination.

In this case, please note that magnetic north is not the same as true north. The angle between them is the declination, which varies depending on where you are. So, those are some ways to use a compass properly. Even though there are more modern directional devices such as GPS, a good and stable internet connection is needed so that it can work smoothly. Therefore, the compass is the right tool when used when climbing.