Looking for a beautiful and comfortable destination for a family vacation or honeymoon, that’s normal. How about visiting horror places in a country or city? Every place, indeed, has its dark side. Including Japan which is famous for its rapid technological advances. In some places in the Land of Sakura, there are many mysteries.

Aokigahara Forest

A place whose name is a forest is definitely lush, wide, twisting and has its own horror story. Like the Aokigahara forest which is to the northwest of Mount Fuji. In Japan, this forest is famous as a popular suicide spot. In fact, this forest ranks number two as a suicide destination after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. KL Bird Park Tourism, Playing with Various Types of Beautiful Birds Not only famous for suicides, this forest has a reputation as one of the most haunted places in Japan since time immemorial. That is because this place is used for the practice of ‘ubatse’ or leaving old women to die in the forest, and it is said that their yurei or souls still haunt the forest.

Inukane Tunnel

Next is the Inukane tunnel or known in Japan as the whisper tunnel. This place is a horror because it is told, there was a girl who was murdered and never buried peacefully. Since then, people who cross this tunnel can hear unseen whispers. Not only that, people who crossed often could feel the presence of a ghost, so not many people dared to enter the tunnel.

Oiran Buchi Bridge

Next up is the Oiran Buchi Bridge which is among the scariest places in Japan. The story goes back to the 16th century, when the area had a gold mine run by the Takeda Clan, which also ran brothels. After the Battle of Nagashino, the Takeda clan fled and killed the women in prostitution. That said, after that incident, women’s cries could still be heard from the abyss.

Nakagusuku Hotel

Lastly on the list, there is Hotel Nakagusuku which is one of the favorite haunted destinations in Japan. This hotel is only located close to Nakagusuku Castle. Initially, the construction of the hotel was opposed by a monk who said it would disturb holy sites and cemeteries in the area. However, this recommendation was ignored and there were several accidents and deaths of workers, so that construction was stopped. In an attempt to restart it, the owner stayed at the hotel to prove the hotel was safe. But on the contrary, the owner came back in a state of chaos and disappeared. Even now, people who visit it can see the lights and feel the chill in the empty hotel corridors.