Traveling or what children know today, traveling has now become a booming lifestyle. Especially now that social media has become part of the lives of many people.So that uploading interesting content has become a must. However, being able to travel often requires a lot of money.
Of course, the choice to become a backpacker traveler or what is also called a backpacker, can be an option. But what you need to know is that not everyone can be a backpacker. Because it requires a strong and resilient determination to travel with a minimal budget. The reason is, you have to adjust accommodation, meals, and others based on the limited budget you have.

Usually people who choose to become backpackers are those who want to travel in a simple way. This is so you can get the sensation of exploring new places or because you have a limited budget. So that you can travel more efficiently. There are many types of traveler. Starting from those who are indeed smart in managing finances to set aside some of their income and still be able to socialize with friends. So that those who are willing to not snack at all and are willing to bring supplies from home every day so they can have enough money for traveling costs. To make your trip more enjoyable and comfortable, it’s a good idea to set aside some of your income into savings specifically for traveling.
Then how do you save money for traveling costs but still be able to hang out with friends?

1. Create a Budget Planning

To make it easier for you to find out how much money you can put aside each month, it’s a good idea to make a budget planning. For example, you need to set aside IDR 2 million to pay credit cards every month, IDR 1.5 million for transportation costs to the office, and so on. With budget planning, you can find out how long you have to save in order to have the cost of traveling to the desired destination.

2. Reduce Unimportant Expenses

Yes, this one is quite difficult to do. Sometimes you can’t predict what expenses will occur in a month. For example, suddenly you are invited to eat at a rather luxurious place by work friends, or watch the latest movie. Therefore, budget planning will play a very important role. Especially in making sure your finances stay under control even if there are sudden needs. There are times when you can refuse a friend’s invitation to go somewhere. But of course it will not last long because it will damage your social relationship with the environment. Therefore, one of the alternatives that you can do is take advantage of promos or discounts when buying something.

Instead of completely eliminating unnecessary expenses. This is because if you really eliminate unnecessary expenses, the shopping will even get out of control. By taking advantage of promos or discounts, your social relationships will be maintained and you can still save money. In this easy era, you can look for promos or discounts anywhere. Because there are many platforms that provide this information. Discount enthusiasts must be familiar with various platforms that can help them save money.

3. Find Extra Money

After making a budget planning and taking advantage of promos or discounts to save more on expenses, you can try to find additional money. This is to speed up your savings collected. If you have other abilities, it is highly recommended to try freelancing to get extra income. That way, your traveling savings will quickly increase.