A walk through the forest is an exciting travel activity, however, sometimes in the wild many unexpected things happen. One of them is getting lost.
Many people get lost in the forest because they miss their group. However, there are some tips you can do to survive when you get lost in the forest while waiting for help to arrive.

1. Don’t panic

Try to calm yourself down and not panic. The reason is, when you panic automatically you can’t think clearly to do the right thing.

2. Find a safe shelter

When lost, find a safe location to take cover with criteria such as dry, not too low, avoid places where water can flow when it rains, and not be near weathered trees. Weathered trees can be life-threatening as they risk falling on you when you take shelter under them. Also try to protect this place safe from the threat of wild animals or insects.

3. Immediately contact friends or family.

Always try to save your cellphone battery. When the battery is still sufficient and the signal is strong enough, immediately contact a friend or group. Meanwhile, if you get lost in the mountain forest, find or contact the nearest climbing post.

4. Make a marker.

In addition to clothes that are brightly colored and easily visible, make a marker of where you were when you got lost. Such as pieces of wood, branches, twigs, cloth, the letters SOS, or footprints that are not easily lost. This marker is important to be used as a reference so you can return to the starting location and not get lost further. There are also signals that can indicate your location, for example screaming, blowing whistles, making smoke, and others that can be seen or heard from afar. Large triangles and mirror reflections can also be used as location signals.

5. Find the direction through the sun.

If you happen to not be carrying a compass, pay attention to the direction of the sun. By looking at the direction of the sun’s movement, this can make it easier for you to find directions and become a reference for the path to be traversed. Either to find the right path or provide direction to the party you have successfully contacted.Apart from going through the movement of the Sun, you can look for directions through moss that grows on tree trunks or rocks. The moss will flourish in the direction of the rising sun (east).

6. Look for spring streams.

The spring is an important place to go when lost in the forest. In addition to meeting the dwindling water supply, the direction of the spring’s flow is a guide to lower ground or down the mountain.