Who said that holidays have to cost so much? It doesn’t have to be like that, guys. For those of you who want a frugal vacation with a minimum budget, there are some tips, here. So you don’t have to worry anymore that the holidays will drain your wallet.

1. Create a budget for vacation expenses

This is the first thing you have to do, make a budget that will be used during the holidays. It is better if the costs for holidays have been prepared in advance, for example by setting aside special funds every month for holidays. That way the vacation costs don’t feel burdensome, right? Determine the budget needed, starting from transportation costs, lodging, meals, and others. Don’t forget to over budget for emergency expenses (if any). This vacation cost budget makes you more focused in planning your trip later, because you know how much it will cost. You can also avoid unnecessary or out-of-budget expenses.

2. Choose the right vacation time

It’s best to avoid holidays during the high season, because at that time, transportation and lodging ticket prices are usually more expensive. Instead, choose a vacation during the low season, which is when it’s not the holiday season. During low season, transportation ticket prices and lodging are generally cheaper. Surely you are saving more, right? In addition, on vacation during high season, tourist destinations will be filled with visitors. Meanwhile, during low season you will certainly feel more comfortable enjoying your vacation without being disturbed by the crowd, because there are fewer visitors. You also feel more free to walk around while taking pictures.

3. Select a domestic destination

Yes, prioritize choosing domestic destinations, guys. No need to be confused, because in our beloved homeland there are so many beautiful and fun holiday destinations to visit. Each region must provide its own experience. So, there’s no reason you will get bored traveling around Indonesia. If we are not proud of our homeland, then who will Besides that, domestic destinations are certainly cheaper than abroad. Especially if the tourist destination is not too far from the city where you live, you can reach it by land transportation, such as buses or trains. Certainly it will be more economical than using an airplane.

4. Order tickets in advance

If possible, you should book tickets in advance before departure. Because the farther the distance between the reservation and the date of departure, the cheaper the ticket price. So, your vacation costs are more efficient, right?

5. Take advantage of promos / discounts

Where are the promo or discount lovers? There’s nothing wrong with you if you take advantage of promos for your vacation. Usually you can check this promo info on social media, for example Instagram. This promo is not only for transportation tickets or lodging, but also for meal costs. Wow, it’s really fun, especially for those of you who like culinary tours. The existence of promos like this certainly makes expenses more economical.

6. Be aware of the use of transportation

To be more economical, you should choose to use public transportation. We recommend that you do research in advance what transportation is cheaper to use to the destination tourist destination. Ground transportation such as buses or trains can be a more economical option than using a plane. If you go with friends, this can be an advantage because you can reduce the cost of renting a car when visiting various tourist attractions.

7. Find cheap and comfortable lodging

How many cheap lodgings will not drain the bag. You can find information on the internet. But don’t just focus on the cheapness, guys. Also, make sure that the inn has a positive review or testimonial, especially regarding its comfort. However, a place to stay is a place where you relax and get a good night’s sleep.

8. Look for recommendations for “low budget” places to eat

A vacation to visit beautiful places is certainly not complete without tasting the regional specialties, right? Therefore, it is better if you do research first about cheap culinary places in your destination. You can look for it on the internet, such as blog reviews and food reviews on YouTube. So, when you are at your destination, you will no longer be confused about finding a place to eat that suits your budget.

9. Bring enough money

If you really want to save money, you should avoid carrying credit cards, even debit cards. It’s better to bring enough cash, adjusted to the vacation budget that you have previously set. But be careful when carrying cash, guys. To be safer, you can put cash in several places, such as your wallet, shirt pocket, bag, and others. By bringing enough cash you will avoid spending outside the budget.

10. Shop for souvenirs wisely

If your budget is limited, you don’t need to force yourself to buy lots of souvenirs. Just buy what you need for the people closest to you. Choose souvenirs according to the budget you have so that they don’t burden you. Souvenirs don’t have to be expensive, the important thing is to be memorable. Okay, here are the tips for an economical vacation with a minimal budget that you can apply. And the most important thing about the holidays is to enjoy every moment with all my heart. Have a nice vacation, guys