There are many kinds of tourist attractions, ranging from historical tours and other tourist destinations. Now each country has different tourist destinations with different characteristics. Not only countries, but each region or city also has tourist attractions with different uniqueness, such as in Rome, Italy. Basically, Rome is a city in Italy that has been visited by many visitors who are attracted by the various tourist destinations that are in it. So there are lots of tourist attractions that can be visited in Rome which we will summarize in a collection of interesting and popular tourist attractions that can be your reference. Here’s a full explanation:

1. Colosseum

You must have heard of the Colosseum with a building shape that you may have recognized before. The Colosseum itself is a tourist destination in Rome Italy in the form of the ruins of an amphitheater and for the gladiator arena. This building has a very wide distinctive shape that can accommodate up to 50,000 spectators. Rome can be said to be a city that is never empty of visitors, one of the reasons is because many people are eyeing to be able to visit the Colosseum which is one of the most popular tours in the world.

2. Vatican Museum

The Vatican Museum is a world-famous museum with a large number of visitors coming from various countries around the world. The museum allows you to see historical relics. Now you can see some very interesting and amazing frescoes which are the work of Michelangelo. Another thing you should know is that this museum has been established since the 6th century, which is located in the Vatican City. This tourist destination is said to be very interesting and you can get to know the history that is in it to increase your knowledge.

3. Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is a fountain building in which there is a statue of Neptune, the sea god in which the statue is flanked by two Tritons. Some people would throw coins at the fountain, and it is said that if someone were to throw the coins in the right way they would be able to return to Rome. So it is said to be right if you are able to throw a coin using your right hand which is thrown through your left shoulder. The fountain has an interesting and very beautiful architectural design that makes anyone interested in coming there.

4. Roman Forum

The next tourist destination is the Roman Forum, which is included in a row of tours that are in great demand and visited by many visitors who are attracted and fascinated by its beautiful buildings. This place is considered as a place that contains a lot of historical value and is also known as a meeting place that is very famous all over the world. There you will be presented with ancient buildings that have high historical value and beautiful different views. This tourist spot is also a place that is never empty of visitors.

Some of the list of tourist destinations in Rome can be your reference when choosing which place to visit either with your family, partner, or with your friends and friends. These various tourist attractions have their own characteristics with views that will make you more relaxed. So hopefully this information can be useful for you.