Going on vacation with children is the dream of all parents. We not only please ourselves, but also provide new experiences to children. However, you certainly understand the risks when on vacation with children, one of which is the booming holiday costs. Naturally, if you usually eat alone or two as a partner, now you have to add your children. Then the cost of accommodation tickets also increases. Take it easy, you can actually cut it, as long as with smart planning. You can still have fun with your baby without having to spend a lot of money. Here are tips for cheap holidays that you can do, Take your baby on vacation when they are not even 2 years old Cheap vacation tips that you can do is take your baby on vacation when they are not even 2 years old. Why? Because usually, the cost of transportation accommodation such as airlines does not charge children under 2 years of age, aka free. Because children under 2 years old are not able to sit on their own chairs and are still held by their parents. It’s really good, it’s free!

Don’t go during school holidays

The second tip, if your child has entered school as much as possible to go on holiday on normal days, not during school holidays. Because usually the price of plane tickets can be more expensive during school holidays.

Plan holidays ahead of time to avoid clashes with your baby’s school affairs.

If you want to travel abroad, exchange currency at the cheapest money changer and the right time Every day the value of global currencies moves up and down, sometimes it always goes up, sometimes it can go down. Now, if you already have plans to take a vacation to a country, don’t exchange money at the tightest of times of departure, if you can change it in advance when the purchase price is low. You can exchange it at a trusted money changer or at a bank. What is clear, don’t change it at the airport, because the administrative costs can be very high.

Download the entertainment your child needs before leaving

The next cheap vacation tip is that you can download your child’s favorite entertainment. Usually children like to watch his favorite cartoon or the game he likes. If you don’t watch it for a day, you can get fussy, especially when you are traveling.

If you take a plane, you will usually get entertainment shows. But unfortunately, not all of them are free, but you have to swipe your credit card to be able to watch everything.

Don’t forget to bring snacks for lunch

Children also usually like snacking, especially when they are bored. To make your vacation even more economical, try bringing your own snacks for supplies on trips or tourist destinations. Not bad, it’s really economical, because surely you will find it difficult to find your little one’s favorite snacks at tourist destinations, especially abroad. Not to mention the price is more expensive when compared to in the country.

Bring your own stroller

Bringing your own stroller can really help you on vacation with your children. Children who are still small, must be easily tired if invited to take a long walk, the solution is if you don’t carry it, you push using a stroller. But the best choice is a stroller. Many strollers are easy to carry and cheap. Instead of buying it at a destination where the price can be more expensive, it’s better if you bring what you have at home.

Book the cheapest lodging with a private kitchen

Consumption is the most expensive expenditure item during the holidays. To cut it, you can book cheap lodging that includes a private kitchen. The goal is that you can cook yourself using the equipment provided. You can find many cheap accommodations with private kitchen facilities on the Airbnb site.

Book tickets for attractions in advance online

You are sure to go for a walk and want to visit various interesting attraction areas for the kids, for example, such as Universal Studios or Disney Land. To make it cheaper, you can order via online at Traveloka, for example, to get the lowest price. Because usually buying on the spot is much more expensive and uses the exchange rate of the destination country.

Buy a family package

Some tourist spots like zoos, or other interesting events usually provide entrance ticket packages for families. This package for families is much cheaper than the entrance ticket for one person only.

Visit free tourist spots

The last cheap vacation tips is to visit free tourist attractions. You can have fun without having to spend a penny, for example visiting parks in destination countries, or just taking photos on the outskirts of landmarks.