5 Emergency Medicines That Must Be Prepared for Long Trips When traveling

sometimes there are things that are unexpected, yes, Trippers. Even though holidays are the time you’ve been waiting for to release fatigue after work, it takes a struggle to find time to spend time and quality time with your family because vacation moments are precious moments. Before leaving for vacation, make sure that Trippers have prepared the equipment that must be brought. Apart from clothes and food, first aid kits and a list of medicines should not be forgotten. What are the emergency medicines that must be prepared on a long trip?

1.First aid kit This one object is important because the contents of this box are as the name implies, namely first aid in accidents. In this box we have to prepare a wound bandage, sterile cotton or gauze, alcohol, wet wipes, wound plaster, hand sanitizer and digital thermometer. This can help us the first time if something goes wrong. Even though the term is a first aid kit, you can use a small tote bag instead of a box, Trippers. As long as it’s easy to carry.

2.Diarrhea medication This is important, Trippers, sometimes we really like culinary delights without knowing the contents in our stomachs have been mixed up, as long as we have tried new foods even though they are not necessarily suitable for our stomachs and stomachs, suddenly diarrhea while taking a walk will create a moment of traveling become annoyed, then bring diarrhea medicine that we have already taken so we know what medicine … Read More

8 Unique International Holiday Destinations for Those of You Who Want a More Exciting and

Different Vacation Atmosphere

Unique Holidays Can Be a Solution for Those of You who are Easily Bored Free time, such as national holidays or leave, is often used for traveling. Not only does it eliminate fatigue from your daily routine, holidays can also refresh your mind so that you are ready to return to face activities. However, if you run out of tourist options and are bored with monotonous vacations, it’s good to find new vacation alternatives. From places to activities, look for something different to make your vacation more exciting.

There are several things you can consider when choosing a tourist destination. Not only famous places that can be used as vacation spots but also locations that have historical value or certain activities. Several regions in Indonesia or other countries can provide a different experience. New Zealand, for example, provides an alternative activity that is suitable for those of you who like sports or extreme games. There is a game arena called Nevis Swing that will swing you from a height of 160 meters at a speed of 125 kilometers. Not jumping right away like regular bungee jumping, the Nevis Swing will swing you in an arch through a beautiful valley. Or you can also try playing the Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, United States. This one swing will pump adrenaline because you will be playing on the edge of a cliff.

This swing is so extreme that it makes the designer only go up once. Unique holidays that … Read More

Own Vacation Tips for Girls. Solo-Traveling? No need to worry!

Maybe there are still a lot of doubts that surround t-mates’ hearts, especially for girls to do solo travel or vacation alone to the destination they want to go to. But in fact, girls prefer vacations than boys, you know!
According to the research group Yesawich, Pepperdien, Brown & Russel, as many as 87% of girls turned out to go on vacation to see beautiful and amazing views, while only 72% of men. Well! What’s even more amazing is that more girls go on solo trips or vacations alone than boys! In fact, as many as 73% of girls go on vacations alone because they want to uphold independence and feel that they are competent enough to explore and have adventures on their own.

5 Solo Vacation Tips for Girls

 1. Research Vacation Places

Before taking a vacation on your own, especially for those of you who are doing it for the first time, it’s a good idea to find out where your vacation is in depth. What is the tradition there and the number of crimes that occur. How local people behave; friendly or individualistic and how to react to it. What you can and can’t do while at your vacation spot. The research you do is solely so that you are not surprised at the place you just visited and can prevent bad things from happening.

2. Prepare for Personal Protection

When you decide to go on vacation on your own, you should have prepared your “war kit”
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