Don’t panic, these 6 things to remember and do if you get lost in the forest

A walk through the forest is an exciting travel activity, however, sometimes in the wild many unexpected things happen. One of them is getting lost.
Many people get lost in the forest because they miss their group. However, there are some tips you can do to survive when you get lost in the forest while waiting for help to arrive.

1. Don’t panic

Try to calm yourself down and not panic. The reason is, when you panic automatically you can’t think clearly to do the right thing.

2. Find a safe shelter

When lost, find a safe location to take cover with criteria such as dry, not too low, avoid places where water can flow when it rains, and not be near weathered trees. Weathered trees can be life-threatening as they risk falling on you when you take shelter under them. Also try to protect this place safe from the threat of wild animals or insects.

3. Immediately contact friends or family.

Always try to save your cellphone battery. When the battery is still sufficient and the signal is strong enough, immediately contact a friend or group. Meanwhile, if you get lost in the mountain forest, find or contact the nearest climbing post.

4. Make a marker.

In addition to clothes that are brightly colored and easily visible, make a marker of where you were when you got lost. Such as pieces of wood, branches, twigs, cloth, the letters SOS, or footprints that are not easily lost. This marker is
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Causes and Ways to Overcome Motion sickness

When traveling long distances, there are several things that often make traveling uncomfortable, such as car sickness for example. Here’s how to fix it Travel is not always sweet. Sometimes, there are things that make us feel uncomfortable, one of which is a motion sickness symptom which is synonymous with feelings of nausea, dizziness, cold sweat, and vomiting.

Why do we get nausea, dizziness, and cold sweat to vomit while in a vehicle?


That the cause of motion sickness is due to two factors, namely body balance and disease history. This balance disturbance factor itself occurs because our eyes and ears are disturbed because of the moving vehicle, causing symptoms of spinning heads, nausea, and vomiting.
Meanwhile, the history of disease here is only limited to certain diseases, one of which is the history of vertigo which also attacks the balance organ where the symptoms will appear if it is driven by things that disturb the balance organs such as riding a vehicle. The second is due to historical factors such as history of vertigo in which vertigo is a disease that attacks the balance organs. The pain will recur if it is triggered by an attack that disturbs the balance organs.


Measures to prevent motion sickness


1. Before getting on the vehicle, fill your stomach first (eat). Don’t let the stomach be empty.
2. Take anti-vomiting medication.
3. When riding a vehicle try not to drink soft drinks, eat foods that can trigger nausea (usually each … Read More

10 Unique Nepal Facts a Traveler Should Know

What comes to a traveler’s mind when he hears the word Nepal? Most probably know or know Nepal in connection with Mount Everest. Or maybe even some of who haven’t heard of Nepal? That is the greeting that will be given to a traveler wherever he is while in Nepal. A traveler will immediately feel the hospitality and warmth of the Nepalese people in this unique greeting. This country, which is included in the South Asian region, may not be a popular tourist destination for Indonesian tourists. But Nepal offers a wide variety of things from culture, historical sites, national parks, and amazing nature.

Nepal is a paradise on earth and is home to most of the Himalayas. Many tourists from all over the world come to Nepal because of the appeal of the Himalayas. Whether it’s to climb the highest mountain peaks in the world. Or to try various kinds of trekking paths that are very varied and quite comfortable. A traveler can also visit historical places and see the very thick culture in Nepal. Every year there are hundreds of thousands of tourists visiting Nepal. A traveler can feel the pulse of life in the capital, Kathmandu. Or take a trip to the very original Chitwan National Park. Before BuLiBi’s friends decide to visit Nepal, there are some unique Nepalese things or facts that a traveler can know.

1.Unique Country Flag

The first unique fact of Nepal which is its country’s flag. Nepal is the only country in … Read More