Tips for Overcoming Fear of Flying Airplanes

Lots of people love to travel and see new places, but there’s one part of traveling that’s not so much fun: flying. For some people, flying is easy, comfortable, and fast. But for some, flying is scary. Others worry about terrorist hijackings or panic if pilots can’t control the planes that took them.
It doesn’t matter why you are afraid to fly, there are certain steps you can take to help reduce your fear. Flying or not flying is a personal decision, and a decision no one else can make for you.

Before Your Trip

For those who fear flying, learning the basics of how airplanes work can reduce their anxiety. For example, understanding how an airplane can continue to fly even if an engine fails can help you worry less about damage to your aircraft. Best Anxiety Ever, recommends asking yourself: “What is disaster? What do I really think will happen? What am I making big trouble out of?

Recognizing what your airplane looks like can make it appear a little less scary. I once heard of a scary flyer that actually put a picture of an airplane cabin on his computer desktop; by the time the flight rolls around, the image is familiar, not scary.Most airlines and booking engines allow you to request a seat assignment when you book a flight. Request an aisle seat, especially if you are prone to claustrophobia; You will feel less confined by other people, and you will be able to get up … Read More