Pay Attention To These 5 Things When Traveling Inland

The area where tribes live in the interior is always interesting to visit, especially tourists who love cultural tourism. but wait, are you ready with a number of environmental differences that exist? Visiting the house of a tribe in the interior is certainly not the same as visiting the house of ordinary people in a village. Usually, the mystical atmosphere is still very much felt. Various regulations are still in effect without being written, acting wrong, you could be subject to customary law.

1. Learn local customs

Before leaving for the interior, find out about the customs that apply there. What things are prohibited and allowed. Also find out what penalties are given if outsiders violate these rules. You certainly don’t want to be exposed to customary law, right?

2. Don’t panic

Once on location, the first thing to remember is not to panic. Don’t panic or even show an exaggerated expression of surprise when you see the environmental conditions of the local indigenous tribes. If you show an expression that is too shocked, it might be considered rude.

3. Maintain good manners

Maintain good manners? Of course this is a mandatory thing that must be done. Pay attention to your every behavior while you are there. Don’t act arrogant because you come from the city. Be friendly by smiling and bowing your head to everyone you see. Also take care of every word that comes out of your mouth, lest it hurt the feelings of the local people. Wrong, … Read More

6 typical French foods that look strange to make you curious

After his victory at the 2018 World Cup, France was widely discussed by the world community. All things about France are so interesting to research, including about French specialties which are said to be unique and odd. Because it is so strange and unique, many people are curious about the taste of French specialties that are now difficult to find. Curious? Here is the list for you:

1. Pieds de porc, processed pork leg

At first glance this dish may look ordinary, but did you know that Pieds de porc dish is a typical French dish made from pork legs. It is usually served whole and seasoned with a variety of spices to make it soft and chewy. But there are also people who prefer to eat it half cooked. Sometimes this pork leg is processed into soup, but most of it is processed into a fried chicken drumstick and served with french fries complete with sauce.

2. Farci poitevin, a mixture of meat and vegetables to complement bread

This one culinary appearance may be a little strange. Made from processed meat, fish and cabbage vegetables, green vegetables, beets, spices and gelatin. Usually cooked by steaming before serving with bread. Taste? Try it yourself in France as well as take a walk there.

3. Couilles de mouton, a dish of lamb testicles

At first you might think that this is processed mushrooms, you are wrong because this is a dish made from lamb testicles. This dish is famous in the … Read More

First time to Base Camp Everest? Must Know These 5 Simple Rules!

To reach the top of Mount Everest is arguably a mountain climber’s dream. However, because it was too difficult and risky, eventually many decided to at least reach the base camp, which was a relatively easy track. To go to the base camp itself, there are rules that must be obeyed even though they are not written, just like the rules for climbing mountains in general.

The enforcement of this rule is so that climbers want to be responsible when they go to Mount Everest’s base camp, because getting here, many people climb it and it makes the managers overwhelmed. Here are five simple rules when traveling to Mount Everest’s base camp that you need to know before going there

Don’t complain about the condition

Even though it’s easier, the trip to Mount Everest’s base camp still takes days. The area is remote and certainly don’t expect 5 star service here. As a climber don’t complain. Don’t scream if you are served cold tea with breakfast in the morning as it will hurt the local’s heart. Guides or porters are sure to do what they can to make climbers comfortable. Complaining is not the solution to our difficulties on the journey. Enjoy it.

Use the squat toilet

Use the squat toilets that are there, in the restaurant, in the shop or made by the porter (Sherpa). Hold it as much as possible to use it at a certain point so as not to pollute the environment.

It is important to … Read More