First time to Base Camp Everest? Must Know These 5 Simple Rules!

To reach the top of Mount Everest is arguably a mountain climber’s dream. However, because it was too difficult and risky, eventually many decided to at least reach the base camp, which was a relatively easy track. To go to the base camp itself, there are rules that must be obeyed even though they are not written, just like the rules for climbing mountains in general.

The enforcement of this rule is so that climbers want to be responsible when they go to Mount Everest’s base camp, because getting here, many people climb it and it makes the managers overwhelmed. Here are five simple rules when traveling to Mount Everest’s base camp that you need to know before going there

Don’t complain about the condition

Even though it’s easier, the trip to Mount Everest’s base camp still takes days. The area is remote and certainly don’t expect 5 star service here. As a climber don’t complain. Don’t scream if you are served cold tea with breakfast in the morning as it will hurt the local’s heart. Guides or porters are sure to do what they can to make climbers comfortable. Complaining is not the solution to our difficulties on the journey. Enjoy it.

Use the squat toilet

Use the squat toilets that are there, in the restaurant, in the shop or made by the porter (Sherpa). Hold it as much as possible to use it at a certain point so as not to pollute the environment.

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6 Types of Bags That Can Be Used for Traveling

Each of you when traveling, of course, will always carry luggage as needed. Now that’s where you will definitely need a bag that can be used to make it easier for you to carry your luggage when traveling. But who would have thought that there were so many types of bags that you could use. This of course must be tailored to your needs and type of trip. Bags are very crucial in traveling activities because they will make it easier for all types of mobilization for you on the trip. So what types of bags can you travelers use? Here are the details:


Backpacks are indeed the prima donna for most travelers. This bag is often used because of its practical shape and can fit all kinds of needs of the traveler. But maybe still with a limited capacity. Yes, roughly it can be used for 1-2 sets of spare clothes and toiletries as well as electronic needs. Despite its practical form and decent capacity, it must also be considered regarding the load when carrying it. If you decide to carry a backpack, try to adjust it to the weight you can carry that is not too heavy. Don’t force all of your belongings in a backpack.

Carrier Bag

Carrier bags are generally used for those of you who are traveling to mountainous areas. This bag is very useful for the type of travel that is survival. The capacity of a carrier bag is much larger than a
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