Tourists may not enter, these are the facts of Doma Island in Brazil

Has an area of ​​about 40 hectares.In this world, there are many small uninhabited islands. Behind these islands, there are always interesting stories to discuss. Starting from history to facts and myths that still exist today. One of the uninhabited islands that is interesting to discuss is Ilha da Queimada Grande or Doma Island in Brazil.

Doma Island is a very small island with an area of ​​approximately 40 hectares. Since the 80s, Doma Island was not allowed to be visited by the public and could only be entered by people with special interests with government permission. There are many reasons why this island is not open to the public, here are some of them.

There are many species of snakes that live in it

This island is more commonly referred to as snake island because there are many species of snakes that live in it. There are about 3000 to 4000 snakes that live on Doma Island. If ordinary people enter Doma Island, it is feared that they will be in danger when they have to deal with these snakes. The snakes on Doma Island can reproduce very rapidly because they are the highest chain in food. So, they will continue to reproduce without any predators eating them.

The snakes that live on the island of Doma are very venomous

The snakes that live on Doma Island are not ordinary snakes, but snakes that have venom and are very dangerous to humans. Although not all snakes have venom that … Read More

Backpacker Tips for Traveling Abroad

Overseas backpackers – traveling is fun, we have the opportunity to tour around the city or even the countryside. When we travel, we can enjoy the joy of the day, meet different people, enjoy different traditions when the holidays arrive.

It’s great when we have the opportunity to travel from one city to another. Especially if we have the opportunity to explore a country which we usually have to do at a very high cost. Does this mean that our opportunity to travel abroad may not be realized? Certainly not! You can apply the following back packer tips abroad so that the purpose of exploring abroad can be realized without having to spend a lot of money. Here are the tips!

1.Come find cheap flights. Packing back overseas doesn’t mean we have to walk from home to our destination all the time. One of the mandatory means of transportation that we must order in advance to get affordable costs is an airplane. Yes, choose airlines that offer affordable travel routes overseas. To get a cheaper price, you need to order it in advance. Also, try not to book flights when you’re busy. High season like this allows ticket prices to increase several times. Follow any promotions or discounts offered by always updating information about promotions and discounts on the airline. The cost of flights abroad requires a large enough budget and you will get a low cost with the tips above.

2.Find cheap accommodation The next step is to find … Read More

Tips for Keeping Your Body Fit Before Traveling By Airplane

Airplane tickets are in hand, travel lists are available, luggage is packed. The moment to prepare for this holiday is the most thrilling and fun moment. How could it not be thrilling if you visit a region or a country that you have never visited before. Getting out of your comfort zone everyday will certainly make your life more colorful and fun. However, this pleasant trip could immediately put you in a bad mood if it turns out that the vacation that was planned long ago turns out to be carried out with your body condition that is not fit.

1. Get enough rest

Well, maybe this sounds really cliché. However, regardless of the journey, of course fatigue will come to anyone who travels, including those who fly using the airplane mode, especially for long haul flights. Being on a plane for a very long time can be really tiring and can lead to various health problems, such as jet lag, dehydration, and feeling tired quickly. Of course you don’t want your trip to turn into a trip that looks like a nightmare?

2. Relax With Yoga

Sitting too long in the airplane seat will cause your blood circulation to become unstable at several points in your body, making it prone to blood clots or swelling. So, let your body relax again by doing light exercise or yoga from your seat on the plane. Some of the poses that you can try to do on a plane are the yoga … Read More