Overseas backpackers – traveling is fun, we have the opportunity to tour around the city or even the countryside. When we travel, we can enjoy the joy of the day, meet different people, enjoy different traditions when the holidays arrive.

It’s great when we have the opportunity to travel from one city to another. Especially if we have the opportunity to explore a country which we usually have to do at a very high cost. Does this mean that our opportunity to travel abroad may not be realized? Certainly not! You can apply the following back packer tips abroad so that the purpose of exploring abroad can be realized without having to spend a lot of money. Here are the tips!

1.Come find cheap flights. Packing back overseas doesn’t mean we have to walk from home to our destination all the time. One of the mandatory means of transportation that we must order in advance to get affordable costs is an airplane. Yes, choose airlines that offer affordable travel routes overseas. To get a cheaper price, you need to order it in advance. Also, try not to book flights when you’re busy. High season like this allows ticket prices to increase several times. Follow any promotions or discounts offered by always updating information about promotions and discounts on the airline. The cost of flights abroad requires a large enough budget and you will get a low cost with the tips above.

2.Find cheap accommodation The next step is to find cheap accommodation. For a backpacker, accommodation is simply a place to sleep and wash. Look for budget accommodations by choosing discount hotels that offer rooms for multiple guests at the same time. After all, here you will only sleep for a while and clean up, the rest you will be busy visiting various interesting tourist attractions abroad.

3. Actively seeking promotions. In essence, back-to-back tourism is an opportunity to travel or travel abroad without spending a lot of money. The way we can save even more is by looking for massive promotions on airfare and accommodation. Both of these things are quite expensive during the trip and, to save costs, try to actively seek promotions on airlines or accommodation agents.

4. Bring important documents that you need on travel tips for backpackers abroad for beginners
Do not leave any documents for back packers abroad. These important documents include KTP, passport and visa. KTPs are used to check in planes before departure, passports should be taken care of at least 3 months before departure so as not to be rushed and confirmed to be ready, and visas are usually asked for especially in countries that are not visa-free. Complete these important documents so that your back packer journey is smooth.

5.Make a backpacker travel guide So that you are not confused about what to do, it is advisable to make a travel itinerary. Did you know there is a lot of data on the internet that we can search for travel guides to foreign countries, especially those posted by previous backpackers in the same country as the tourist destination. Remember which tourists you want to visit, the means of transportation used, what culinary delights you want to taste and what souvenirs to bring home for the family. Cool package for you, your family or loved ones

6. Exchange money in it Traveling is comfortable when we bring enough money, in your opinion? When there is a sudden need on the road, we are calm, or if we want to bring a gift for our beloved family, we can buy it. Can we buy products overseas in local currency? The answer is of course no. Prepare local currency to facilitate your overseas activities. Bring enough money to fix your backpack schedule.

7.Book accommodation before leaving In order for your time abroad to be a true traveler, try to book in advance. Time You won’t think about where you will live when you arrive at your destination country. Try to book accommodation according to your taste in advance, pay attention to the detailed descriptions of each hotel. No more worrying about accommodation and when you arrive at your destination, the hostel is ready and you can use it.

8. Bring food as needed. Tips on how to get out of the country. Get out of the packaging, don’t forget to bring enough supplies. In addition to the goal of being economical, bringing sufficient supplies has many benefits for us. One of them is to make sure the food you bring is according to your taste. Abroad, the food sold is tailored to the tastes and tastes of the local community. In addition, it is highly recommended for Muslims to bring provisions because they guarantee halalness. You can travel to other countries with different and interesting scenery, without leaving the taste of the archipelago through the dishes that we bring.

9,Prepare a drinking water bottle Yup, the equipment that you must bring is a drinking water bottle. You must carry this bottle of drinking water everywhere when you are traveling. Buying bottled mineral water every time you go on a tour will certainly cost you a lot of money. Prepare a drinking bottle that is ready to take with you during your trip so you can save more money and ensure your body’s mineral needs are met properly. If necessary, have two bottles at the same time tucked into your backpack so that you have enough drinking water to spare during the trip. In destinations with cold climates you may not feel so thirsty, but in arid and arid regions, you certainly need enough drinking water to supply.

10.Learn the Language of the Destination Country, Being in a foreign country, one of the important preparations that we must prepare in advance is to learn the language of the destination country. You can prepare in advance by taking courses or by learning them independently from YouTube. At least, those of you who understand a little English will find it easier to interact with people in foreign countries, whether it’s when exploring, buying and selling transactions, and when buying souvenirs for your beloved family at home.
If you apply the back packer tips to overseas before departure, it will make your back packer trip easier. Prepare for adventurous trips abroad and save money with the back packer tips abroad above. Traveling abroad is not always expensive if you know the tips, right?