Lately, mountain climbing activities are not only carried out by nature lovers, but a favorite activity carried out among young people who generally consist of students and university students. Many of them have experience in climbing mountains, but not a few are not familiar with this one activity. Most of those who are still newbies in the matter of climbing mountains have more motivation to climb because they may want to try new experiences that are full of challenges

According to my experience after climbing the mountain several times, many climbers do not reach their destination, aka not reaching the intended peak. I, as a writer, also experienced this because of lack of preparation. If that happens then there is only regret. But take it easy, I will share tips on mountain climbing for beginners that must be done in order to get to the top. Okay, just go to mountain climbing tips for beginners:

Train leg muscles and balance

Activities to train leg muscles can be done by running in the morning or evening, try to routinely do it a week before climbing. This activity aims to train the leg muscles so as not to be surprised in climbing the mountain considering the track that must be traversed is not easy. But don’t worry if you can do this activity regularly, you can easily pass any difficult track. Apart from running in the morning, there are also things you have to practice, namely balance. To train balance, can be done with small exercises such as standing for a while on one leg. This activity is ideal to do after you have done a morning or evening run. If you have jogged in the morning or evening and you have done a little exercise regularly, you have passed the early stages of mountain climbing preparation for beginners.

Maintain Health

Health is the most vital thing in the process of mountain climbing, just imagine going up a mountain when you are not fit. According to my experience, when I went up Mount Sindoro there was one of my friends who was not fit and reckless to go up the mountain, as a result my friend stopped in the middle of the road, aka didn’t arrive. Not only that, during the trip my friend only made it difficult for other climbers because it impeded the journey and kept complaining. Of course you don’t want this to happen to you, but take it easy, I have tips so that this doesn’t happen, namely try not to sleep too late at night a week before climbing the mountain and get enough sleep. ¬ If you need to consume vitamins so you stay fit until the day for the climb has arrived.

Equipment that must be brought when climbing the mountain

After the physical preparation has been done, now it is only necessary to prepare the equipment that must be brought when you want to climb the mountain. Mountain climbing equipment is also something that you should prepare well, it can be fatal if you don’t prepare the equipment you are going to carry. Tell me about my experience again hehehe, because from experience we will learn. In the past, when I first climbed a mountain, I paid little attention to preparing mountain climbing equipment. As a result, the mountain climbing activities that I did were not as beautiful as imagined due to the lack of equipment. Of course this doesn’t want to happen to you, right. So that’s why the following equipment must be brought when climbing the mountain. The first is a jacket, gloves, headgear, mountain shoes, socks, big bag, small bag, sleeping bag, tent, mattress, flashlight, stick to lighten the body’s burden, mantle, mountain cooking equipment if needed and don’t forget the camera. make a selfie on the top of the mountain. don’t forget before going up the mountain you check your equipment first.

What to Bring

Consumption is one of the important things in the process of climbing a mountain. In the past I failed to the top because I ran out of consumption. Now, the following is the consumption that you have to bring, namely 2 bottles of 1.5L water, bread, rice + side dishes if necessary, instant noodles, chocolate to increase your energy while hiking, coffee or the like and spare water. It is a basic consumption that I have to carry when climbing the mountain.

How to walk when climbing

When climbing a mountain you are also not careless in walking, surely you don’t want bad things to happen to you. Yes I will share tips for walking on difficult mountain tracks. Namely with the legs always flexible every time you set your feet on the ground and stay focused on the footing. If your legs are stiff, injury may occur and it will hinder you in the climbing process.

Don’t be shy about asking to quit if you’re tired

As a beginner climber, the ability to climb is certainly not like those who are used to it, so you don’t need to be ashamed to say tired and ask to stop for a moment. Rather than being forced, it is not good.

Try not to complain

Complaining on a hike is a bad thing to do. Complaining will affect the psyche within us and can have an impact on the body. In the process of climbing you should not complain even under any circumstances, it would be nice to encourage yourself and always be cheerful so that your journey up the mountain doesn’t feel too heavy and that is definitely fun.

Do not throw trash on the mountain

Of course we don’t want the beautiful mountain valley that God gave us to be littered with trash, so don’t throw away the mountain trash. It would be nice if the trash we produce is brought down.

Follow mountain attendant instructions and prohibitions

Before climbing, of course, we have to register first with the local mountain officer, now after we carry out the registration process, of course the mountain officers will give instructions and prohibitions when we are on the way to climbing the mountain. So obey the instructions and prohibitions that they convey.