Different Vacation Atmosphere

Unique Holidays Can Be a Solution for Those of You who are Easily Bored Free time, such as national holidays or leave, is often used for traveling. Not only does it eliminate fatigue from your daily routine, holidays can also refresh your mind so that you are ready to return to face activities. However, if you run out of tourist options and are bored with monotonous vacations, it’s good to find new vacation alternatives. From places to activities, look for something different to make your vacation more exciting.

There are several things you can consider when choosing a tourist destination. Not only famous places that can be used as vacation spots but also locations that have historical value or certain activities. Several regions in Indonesia or other countries can provide a different experience. New Zealand, for example, provides an alternative activity that is suitable for those of you who like sports or extreme games. There is a game arena called Nevis Swing that will swing you from a height of 160 meters at a speed of 125 kilometers. Not jumping right away like regular bungee jumping, the Nevis Swing will swing you in an arch through a beautiful valley. Or you can also try playing the Giant Canyon Swing in Colorado, United States. This one swing will pump adrenaline because you will be playing on the edge of a cliff.

This swing is so extreme that it makes the designer only go up once. Unique holidays that provide exciting experiences will certainly make you impressed and satisfied. Want to try?

Natural History Museum, London

Holidays are not just about playing and doing empty activities. If you are bored just spending time relaxing, it’s a good idea to visit places that provide new information or insights. Besides being informative, educational tours are also fun. One of the places you can visit is the Natural History Museum, London in England. This museum is far from “boring” and you will be amazed by the splendor of the exterior and interior of the building. Founded in 1881, this museum offers an informative collection that also serves as a research center for students and scientists. You will find about 70 million interesting specimens in the scientific world including dinosaurs that have long been extinct.

Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin

Want to try feeding crocodiles or swimming near this one reptile? You can do it at Crocosaurus Cove, Darwin, Australia. This attraction attracts many tourists who want to feel the sensation of an exciting vacation. There are several activities that you can enjoy at Crocosaurus Cove.

First, the Cage of Death. You can get into the strong glass tube and dive to see the crocodiles up close. There are several types of large crocodiles in this place and the famous one is Chopper. This crocodile has a size of about 5.5 meters and weighs 790 kilograms. Chopper is easy to spot because he has no front legs and some brave visitors can smell this crocodile from behind the cage.

Meguro Parasitological Museum, Tokyo

Prehistoric animal museums or books may be commonplace but what if museums contain parasites? You can find a new experience in this museum in Tokyo, Japan. Besides being famous for its culture and technological advances, Japan also offers an exciting sensation on this one vacation. The Meguro Parasitological Museum contains more than 45,000 specimens of parasites. You will be amazed by the preservation of tapeworms which are about 8.8 meters long. The place, which was built in 1953, also presents various kinds of other parasites in glass tubes or boxes. Even though it sounds a bit disgusting, this one museum has educational value and is suitable for those of you who are interested in science and medicine.

Pamukkale, Turkey

Want to enjoy extraordinary views that are beautiful and you rarely find everyday? Pamukkale in Turkey is the answer. This place is a hot spring that has warm water with a rich mineral content. The hot spring which means “cotton fort” offers a beautiful panorama that can make you feel at home for a long time.Looking like pretty white cotton, Pamukkale was already used by the Romans and the pool itself took the marble from the temple of Apollo. This national park has cliffs about 20 meters high and the valley is about 200 meters above the Curuksu plain.

Okunoshima, Hiroshima

This one place will pamper animal lovers, especially rabbit lovers. Okunoshima, located in Hiroshima, means “rabbit island” aka Rabbit Island. Initially, Okunoshima was a place that was used as a factory to manufacture biological weapons in World War II with rabbit objects. After the war ended, the warehouse and research center were left empty and the rabbits were freed. The Japanese government then cleaned up the factory and currently, Okunoshima is open to the public. There are hotels and other facilities offered on this island. You can circle the island by bicycle and visit the Poison Gas Museum which was built in 1988.

Kish Island, Iran

For those of you who like beaches as a tourist destination and want to explore unusual beaches, you can visit Kish Island, which is located in Iran. Located about 200 kilometers from Dubai, this beach is a solution for Muslim women who want to relax but still maintain the norms and rules of the Islamic religion. Kish Island is a special beach for women that offers beautiful views of the Persian Gulf. Men are not allowed to visit and the beach at this location is guarded by officers for the safety and comfort of visitors.

The York Ghost Walk Experience, York

A fearless adrenaline challenger? Try this unique tourist destination. The York Ghost Walk Experience located in York, England. If you often watch or read books about ghost cities, now you can feel the sensation yourself in York City, which is known as a ghostly den and is very scary.This location has a building with an old style and British people believe there are spirits that roam every night. Myth or not, this belief is believed to originate from a bloody history from the time of the Vikings to the Roman past.

Dinosaur Provincial Park, Canada

This one place is a World Heritage Site that has been named by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, aka UNESCO. Dinosaur Provincial Park, located in Canada, was founded in 1995 and will take you to the past, to be precise, in the era of dinosaurs. The naming of the place is not without reason, because at least 40 species have been found with more than 500 specimens that were moved and exhibited in various museums around the world. Isn’t that amazing? You can take a tour package and enjoy several activities such as camping in nature, photography tours to digging for fossils. After enjoying the insight about these large ancient animals, you will be given a beautiful afternoon view between the cliffs.