Taking care of a marriage is certainly not easy, because you have to prepare a lot of time, effort, and money. But, that doesn’t mean you have to forget your honeymoon. You see, during your honeymoon, you can spend time alone with your partner without any disturbance. Of course, it will make your relationship even more romantic. With a few tips from the following pegipegi, how come you can enjoy a honeymoon that is economical, safe, and fun!

Look for tickets in advance

Especially for those of you who want to honeymoon by plane, airplane ticket prices will be much cheaper if you order 3-6 months in advance. Also take advantage of promos given by credit cards or airlines.

Avoid the holiday season

As much as possible, don’t honeymoon during the holiday season, such as Christmas, New Year, Eid, or long weekends. Because, the price of plane tickets or hotels will be more expensive. In addition, the tourist spots you want to visit will be enlivened by many tourists. The name is also honeymoon, surely you want to spend more time together with your partner in a place that is not too crowded and quiet?

Honeymoon in the country

If you are honeymooning abroad, it will definitely cost more. Especially if the currency exchange rate is soaring high. In addition, you also have to make a passport, even a visa for certain countries. Why not just honeymoon in your own country?

Bring a marriage book

Indeed, not all hotels will ask about the status of the couple staying there. However, sometimes there are some hotels that do not allow non-husband and wife couples to stay at their hotel. To ensure the status of you and your partner to the hotel, there’s nothing wrong with bringing a marriage book.

Choose a hotel room with a double bed and a romantic set

When booking a hotel room, pay attention to the type of bed. For couples on honeymoon, of course, you have to book a hotel room with double beds. Don’t forget to ask the hotel or resort to set up the room romantically. If you’re staying at a hotel with beautiful natural views, ask for a hotel room with windows that offer direct views of nature.

Visit historical places of both of you

It could be in your honeymoon place, there is a historical place for you and your partner. For example, the place where you met for the first time or a place you frequently visit. So, on honeymoon, don’t forget to visit that place so you can remember the good times.

Cut down on social media play

You can take photos with your partner on honeymoon. But, you don’t have to immediately post the photo on social media, right? You can wait for the right time to play social media, for example when you return to the hotel or when you are taking a break. Playing social media too often will interfere with your quality time during your honeymoon. Don’t let you chat more with friends on social media than your own partner.

Prepare a romantic dinner while enjoying the sunset

If you honeymoon on the beach, enjoying the sunset with your partner is certainly obligatory! While enjoying the sunset, you can also prepare a romantic dinner on the beach. The gentle air and gentle waves will make the atmosphere even more romantic! You can chat comfortably.