Sea sickness is torturous. Especially for those of you who have a hobby of traveling around the archipelago by using ships. Sea sickness can occur when the body, inner ear and eyes send different signals to the brain. The false stimulation that occurs as a result of this process puts the whole body out of balance. No wonder, when seasickness occurs, dizziness and nausea just appear. Wavy water conditions to physical that are not prime are the main factors. But, you don’t need to be afraid to sail. The reason is, there are many ways to anticipate this complicated seasickness. Anything? Let’s look at 7 important tips.

1. Selection of Food Consumption

Don’t leave if the stomach isn’t filled. There is a point, though. However, if the case is seasickness, you must be selective about what foods you should eat. What is clear, avoid a lot of consumption of soda and alcoholic drinks. For food, avoid spicy and fatty dishes before and during cruising.

2. Sitting Position

The position of sitting on the boat has a big influence, you know. Try to sit in the middle cabin, which is lower. According to research, this position receives less shocks than other positions.

3. The direction of the Ship

Like a train, the ship has a seating formation facing each other. So, in order to avoid seasickness, you must sit facing the direction the ship is moving. If you turn your back to the direction of the ship, the body will lose balance which leads to nausea.

4. Keep Your Eyes On

Once you’ve got a seated position, it’s time to set your sights. Nausea when sailing occurs because you lose focus. Now, to reduce it, position your gaze to one corner of the ship when nausea strikes. Wait a moment, wait for both eyes to send normal signals to the brain.

5. Avoid Reading

Reading is a boredom breaker activity while sailing. However, erratic water conditions make the brain work harder to filter incoming signals from the eye. Now, don’t read when you feel nauseous. Let the brain first process the balance and distribute it throughout the body.

6. Get Fresh Air

The air conditioning facility on the ship is just to cool off. If you have seasickness, being in an air-conditioned cabin is torturous. Well, you better get on the deck of the ship to get some fresh air. Very effective in reducing the sensation of seasickness.

7. Prevent with Medicine

For some people, unstable water conditions are the trigger. So, it doesn’t hurt to prepare hangover drugs that you can buy at drugstores. Types of drugs such as Bonine, Antivert, Dramamine can be the right choice.