Traveling by cruise ship is one of the experiences that you must try. The view of the blue sea, combined with the various boat facilities offered, makes you feel at home for a long time on your trip. No need to bother thinking about which hotel to stay at, what to eat on the menu, or looking for interesting entertainment venues. A cruise ship provides a necessity for your vacation! Although it costs quite a lot, it is very much worth the facilities and experience you get. Here are some cruise ship facilities that will take your breath away:

1. Theater

Watching a cinema in the middle of the ocean? It’s not impossible anymore. The Ovatiation of The Seas cruise ship provides theater facilities on board. You can watch shows like in a cinema. In fact, the impression given by this theater is far more luxurious than the cinema in general. The ornaments and lighting chosen make the theater room much classier. This theater has a capacity of 1,299 seats. Taking advantage of this theater facility is free of charge. Are you interested in trying to watch a bisokop in the middle of the ocean?

2. Cabaret Show

Guaranteed you will not die of boredom while traveling on a cruise ship. Moreover, if the ship provides international standard cabaret show facilities. This facility is provided by the Ovatiation of The Seas cruise ship. The cafe called Two70 is not only a place to eat breakfast or hang out. Every night, the cafe holds a super magnificent Specter’s Cabaret show. No half-hearted view of the backstage of the cabaret is a mirror that directly shows the open sea. Apart from the cabaret show, CafĂ© Two70 on deck 4 also hosts musical performances combined with various modern dances as well as games of lights and sophisticated LED screens.

3. Night entertainment center

Not only Las Vegas, cruise ships also have casino and roulette machines, you know. Almost every luxury cruise ship provides a night entertainment center. Guaranteed your night on the boat will not be boring. Of course visitors have to spend more if they want to visit this place.

4.Surfing on a cruise ship

Now surfing is not only done on the shoreline. The Ovatiation of The Seas cruise ship also provides a vehicle for those of you who like to surf, namely Flowrider. These rides are available at dock 16, so you can gaze at the open ocean while surfing. This vehicle provides artificial waves like those on the beach. Even though the waves are artificial, the flow of this flowrider is quite fast, you know. Suitable for those of you who like to surf. Want to try the sensation of surfing in the middle of the high seas? Try this one ride.

5. Ripcord by iFly

Talking about fun rides, Ovatiation of The Seas also provides rides that are no less exciting than Flowrider. This vehicle is like a tube with thick plastic walls. The vehicle will scatter the wind on the object, so that the object is made hovering like in outer space. You can fly as high as you want. Before enjoying a ride called Ripcord by iFly, you must wear special clothes and fill out a health approval. The instructor will also provide directions before the game starts. Interesting right? When else can you hover like zero gravity in the middle of the ocean.

6. Mall on a cruise ship

Have you ever imagined before, shopping for things like in a mall but this is on a ship! SS Virgo Cruise is a cruise ship that provides mall facilities. For tourists who have not had the opportunity to buy travel necessities or equipment, they can buy them at the ship mall. Apart from holiday supplies, there are also cosmetic items from the L’oreal, Bvlgari, and Shisedo brands. Do not miss various famous watch brands, such as Swatch, Michael Kors, and Emporio Armani. The target of this mall is indeed for the upper middle class, so the goods being traded are top brands. But take it easy, your tourist items are not subject to more taxes. If you want to buy souvenirs for your family at home? You can buy souvenirs and special knick-knacks from this ship at the ship mall.

7. North Star

No less interesting than the rides that have been offered before, this ride called North Star invites visitors to enjoy the view of the entire ship with the blue ocean around it. First, the visitor enters a capsule-shaped room and then is brought up to a height of 91 meters. Similar to a Ferris wheel. Interesting right? When else can you enjoy the view of the cruise ship and the surrounding ocean from a height of tens of meters. These rides are provided by the Ovatiation of The Seas cruise ship.