Vacation is a necessity for everyone. there are various tourist destinations in this world. And it will definitely make you confused to choose which place to visit. For everyone, a tourist spot will be a place of rest and relaxation. So choosing a tourist spot that suits your taste will be needed. Because basically every place will have its own characteristics. Various tourist attractions in the world present their respective beauty. And here are 7 of the best tourist attractions in the world that you must visit.


One of the cities in Italy has become a beautiful city in Europe. Even the assumption that traveling to Europe will cost you a lot, you can go far by visiting this one city. This city offers a variety of places to enjoy extraordinary views at no charge. Even for those of you who like taking pictures, this place can be your next vacation destination. Because the scenery at Vinice is very soothing to the eye and never ending. This city on the water, apart from offering very beautiful views, is also very famous for its friendly and cheap residents. You can spend time enjoying the scenery with the water transportation that is already available.

The Wav

This tourist spot is in the United States. Or rather in the Arizone area close to the Utah border. This tourist spot is a very beautiful sandstone. Situated on the slopes of Coyote Butters in the Vermillion Cliffs Wilderness Canyon Fence, which is focused on the Colorado Plateau. For you, a traveler, this place will be one of the places you must visit. Sandstone formations that stretch as far as the eye can see add a beautiful impression to every scene.

London Bridge

London Bridge or can be called the London Bridge is the next best tourist spot. The bridge, which is located in the city of London, is one of the most visited places by world tourists. The bridge that stands to connect the city of London with Southwark which stands majestically across the river Thames. Its beauty will be increasingly visible at nighttime. Because of the various lights that make the London Bridge look magnificent.


Bali is definitely no stranger to the people of Indonesia. This place is very famous even to all corners of the world. It is known for its very unique culture and attracts many tourists. Even various tourist attractions in Bali have their own beauty.

Pyramids of Giza

The next tourist spot is in Egypt. This pyramid is one of the great pyramids in Egypt. Located around the river nile. And what is no less amazing is the view that is very spectacular. So that many tourists visit each year to witness the beautiful scenery.


One of the cities in Mexico is the next best tourist spot. This place will be the right tourist destination for those of you who want to relax with a very calming view of the water and a beach atmosphere.

Original Starbucks

Like a coffee lover, this tourist spot must be on your next visit list. Because here you can enjoy original Starbucks coffee. In fact, this building has been in existence for many years in the United States and is sure to have its own historical value. And that’s 7 of the best tourist attractions in the world that you can visit. Vacationing with loved ones in a place that suits you will make you feel comfortable. So make sure your vacation is of quality and in accordance with expectations.