Each of you when traveling, of course, will always carry luggage as needed. Now that’s where you will definitely need a bag that can be used to make it easier for you to carry your luggage when traveling. But who would have thought that there were so many types of bags that you could use. This of course must be tailored to your needs and type of trip. Bags are very crucial in traveling activities because they will make it easier for all types of mobilization for you on the trip. So what types of bags can you travelers use? Here are the details:


Backpacks are indeed the prima donna for most travelers. This bag is often used because of its practical shape and can fit all kinds of needs of the traveler. But maybe still with a limited capacity. Yes, roughly it can be used for 1-2 sets of spare clothes and toiletries as well as electronic needs. Despite its practical form and decent capacity, it must also be considered regarding the load when carrying it. If you decide to carry a backpack, try to adjust it to the weight you can carry that is not too heavy. Don’t force all of your belongings in a backpack.

Carrier Bag

Carrier bags are generally used for those of you who are traveling to mountainous areas. This bag is very useful for the type of travel that is survival. The capacity of a carrier bag is much larger than a backpack. Plus the convenience of this bag is also very comfortable and suitable for heavy loads. The generous support and foam on the back, shoulders and waist make the user feel less burdened when carrying it. In addition, this bag is perfect for dealing with conditions during the rainy season because it is waterproof. For those of you who want to take a trip such as spending the night in the forest or climbing this bag is perfect for your choice. But it doesn’t matter if you only travel in urban areas, you can still use a smaller size carrier bag.

Belt Bag

Belt Bag or what is popularly known as sling bag can be an alternative bag that you carry when traveling. These bags are generally small in size and fit 3-5 types of standard items only. Generally, this bag is used if you just want to walk through the city or hunting in shopping centers. By using this bag, you can also keep your luggage more secure because it will always be in your arms.


This type of bag is a bag commonly used for travelers who are traveling long or long. There is certainly a lot to bring about clothes and personal belongings. Therefore a suitcase is needed to accommodate it all. You can use a suitcase to make it easier to mobilize your many luggage. Besides not going to make you have to lift your belongings, by using a suitcase all items will be neatly arranged. But still pay attention to the luggage in your suitcase when traveling by plane. Make sure it’s not overloaded. One more thing, that you keep your belongings safe by giving your luggage a lock lock.

Tote Bag

Tote Bag or commonly called tote bag is the simplest type of bag among other types of bags. You can carry this bag by carrying it or putting a strap on one of your shoulders. This bag is perfect for shopping. This square-shaped bag makes it easy to accommodate many items that are relatively small in size. The trend of using this bag is also increasing because the development of the dynamic design and color of the bag makes its users look more trendy. The drawback of this bag is that maybe your things will be a little unorganized when you put them in, considering the shape of the bag which only has 1 pocket.

Pouch Bag

Pouch bag is quite important if you decide to carry a suitcase. Try to also use a pouch bag as a place for certain items such as toiletries, underwear, headsets and others. In essence, this bag will make it easier for you to take your luggage without having to unload the contents of the suitcase.Those are some types of bags that can be used for you travelers. The types of bags above are very supportive for all types of activities and your traveling needs. Traveling is not just talking about where you are going, but what you have to bring when traveling. Make sure what you bring does not interfere with your journey and overwhelm you. Therefore, choose a suitable bag so that your trip and your needs can be fulfilled and enjoyable.