One of the obstacles we may experience when traveling solo is a matter of documentation. If you are on vacation with friends or family, we can ask their help to take our photos. But when we go alone, of course we can’t do that. But don’t worry, you can still get cool vacation photos. Here are the tips!

Use a selfie stick

Selfie sticks or what we usually call tongsis can help a lot when solo traveling. Especially if you only rely on cellphone cameras to take pictures. The area that can be included in the camera frame is wider and can still show your photo background.

Bring a suitable tripod

Today, there are many types of tripods. It’s not always big and takes up space, you can bring a very flexible gorillapod or a small tripod. Make sure the tripod you carry is stable and resistant to wind, so it doesn’t fall when used.

Use an action camera, the results will be cool

Action cameras like the Go-Pro are often the choice of travelers, because they are small and easy to carry. Because it’s tiny, small, and practical, this camera is still the traveler’s top choice, especially when on vacation in the wild. Because, you can endure various kinds of natural activities, such as surfing, diving, skiing, and others. Various supporting accessories and wide lenses are able to capture your moments nicely.

Use a drone, take pictures so there are no limits!

Drones now also have mini versions suitable for selfies, one of which is the latest technology from DJI. It’s small in size and folds easily, so it won’t take up space in the bag. Its features are also simpler and can be controlled, even by beginners. You can get images from a height easily and are much more beautiful than just using a tripod or tongsis.

Ask people for help

If you don’t have special properties and tools like the one above, how about it? Relax, you still have the last choice by asking other people to help you take pictures. If you are unsure of the results, try to find someone who has the same camera with you or who seems familiar with photography. Don’t forget to state the results and composition of the image you want.

Editing before posting

This one is very subjective. There are people who tend to want to upload photos immediately without editing, there are those who like to touch up their photos before uploading them.

You don’t have to master Photoshop to get good image results. The editing process can now be done via an application on a smartphone. The ones that are recommended are VSCO and Snapseed. These two apps will make your photos look better in terms of color, composition, filters and more.