Traveling is one of the activities that is in great demand by people, including hijabers, here. There are many interesting countries to visit, one of which is Korea. Well, for hijabers who are traveling or want to travel to the country of Ginseng, there are a number of things that must be considered. For Muslims traveling for Indonesian hijabers, of course, they have to pay attention to things that exist in countries that are predominantly non-Muslim. Like in Korea for example. Because there are few Muslims there, of course they are also not very familiar with the hijabers style. For that, before traveling, you must pay attention to the following six things.

1. Prepare the Right Clothes

In Korea there are four seasons. So it’s a good idea to prepare clothes according to the season when you will be traveling there. For example, during winter, bring a thick coat (coat) and a scarf that is warm enough. Besides helping, coats will also make a cooler look for your Instagram photos!

2. Find Out About Public Facilities

Unlike Indonesian hijabers who are accustomed to finding many toilets with bidets or prayer rooms with a supply of mukenas for use during prayer. In Korea, such facilities are not as many as in Indonesia.

So, you have to prepare wet wipes, dry wipes, toilet sanitizers, mukena, and also a bottle of clean water for ablution. Who knows when you need a toilet or it’s time to pray, but you are nowhere near Muslim-friendly facilities. So, it is important for Muslim traveling to pay attention to these things.

3. Learn Korean

It is important to memorize or learn some of the most used sentences when you need them. For example, asking for halal restaurants, clean public toilets, or the nearest mosque.

But the most important thing is to ask the name of the street, route, and restaurant. Muslim travelers must pay attention to this when they want to go to any country whose language is different and you don’t know. Even for Indonesian hijabers, make sure to pronounce it well.

4. Be a Good Muslim

The image of Islam in a number of countries where the majority are non-Muslim sometimes seems less than good. For that, you must still make the Muslim traveling image a good impression. So that bad views about Islam are replaced with good views. Indonesian Hijabers also don’t forget to be polite and courteous in other countries, regardless of what it is. Okay?

5. Look for Halal Food or Restaurants

Beforehand, you have to make sure where you are going, and look for Muslim-friendly places to eat, aka all halal. In Korea, which is predominantly non-Muslim, there must be a lot of food menus that are forbidden to be eaten by Muslims. For example, there are menus that use pork belly, pork, dog meat, wine or soju, and many others. So it is very important for Indonesian hijabers to find a halal place to eat there first. Muslim traveling is safer, right.

6. Fashion Hijabers Style

So that your vacation abroad is more memorable, don’t forget to look stylish in the style of fashionable Indonesian hijabers. In Korea, it has a distinctive style and some of them are suitable to be applied with contemporary clothing and hijabers, you know.