Food bloggers are bloggers who rely on their blogging material on things around food or #culinary. Niche blogs (special blogs) that discuss the culinary world are currently on the rise in Indonesia. Even though they haven’t received much special treatment like in other countries such as Singapore, the existence of this Indonesian food blogger should not be underestimated. With a fairly rapid development.

Evidence that food bloggers have bright hopes is the popularity of food bloggers who are now often invited by several restaurants to promote their food. This is not an exaggeration, because food bloggers have been able to bring a fantastic number of blog visitors.
But to become a qualified food blogger is certainly not as easy as turning your palm. It takes effort and a hard struggle to bring lots of blog visitor traffic. Here are some tips from well-known Indonesian food bloggers for anyone who wants to be successful with this culinary-themed blog.

Must Have Passion

The most important element a food blogger must have is the intention or passion. The specialty as a food blogger who has the opportunity to generate income and is also able to attract the attention of many restaurants to invite them has made many people want to become food bloggers. However, according to Hans Danial, a food blogger should not focus on making a profit and just want to eat for free.
A food blogger must have the intention, passion and love for the culinary world. The goal of becoming a food blogger must be more meaningful than just being invited to sip at big restaurants, said Eddy, a food blogger.

Writing and photographing skills

The blogger must have strong writing skills. However, for food bloggers who must also display photos of the food they are reviewing, they are also advised to master some photographing techniques. The ability to write and take pictures of food will be your strength to become a successful food blogger.

Consistent Writing

Writing for food bloggers should become a habit. This means that those who decide to enter the world of blogging must be consistent in writing so that their blogs are always alive.

Fund Strategy

A food blogger, of course, will often visit restaurants to taste food. And to taste the culinary delights, these bloggers must set aside funds. With the intensity of these food bloggers going to various places to eat, they must be able to manage their finances so they don’t lose or go bankrupt.
A food blogger must have a financial strategy. Shelmi herself usually outsmarts this by coming to the restaurant together with other food bloggers so she can taste more culinary delights. So once it comes, there can be a lot of food that is reviewed and written.

Be Honest When Providing Reviews

The thing that often creates a dilemma for food bloggers is honesty. Indeed, when reviewing a culinary treat, they are usually required to provide recommendations on the food they have tasted. These recommendations often make food bloggers hesitate. On the one hand he is required to be honest but on the other hand he has to recommend food. If the food is delicious there is no problem, but the problem is if the food tastes bad, should he be lying?
Food blogger Ellyna Tjohnardi suggests that a food blogger must choose honestly. Because with honesty, a blogger’s good reputation will be maintained. He said that food bloggers must write according to what they taste. To deal with the existing dilemma, Ellyana has tips for dealing with it.
According to him, if there is food that is not suitable for recommendation, he will usually keep the bad things or convey positive things. Because according to him there must be positive things from the restaurant or the other side of the food to be written and recommended.