In order for traveling to be more enjoyable, do this to save time and also your safety. Traveling is a lot of fun. When you walk to a place to enjoy the scenery, there must be items that you must carry and are valuable, such as money and smartphones, maybe lost or other unwanted things happen.
Well, summarized from, here are some easy but safe ways for those of you who are traveling.

1. Remember something dirty in hotels

If you are traveling and staying at hotels, remember to be vigilant about cleanliness even though there are officers who clean the hotel rooms. It is better if you take precautions so that you do not contract an unknown disease. Small objects such as the TV remote that must have been held by the previous occupants of the room, probably escaped the attention of the hotel clerk because they only focused on cleaning the mattress and floor

2. Copy important documents

Also remember to copy important documents that put your status at stake when traveling primarily abroad. Copy passports and other important documents so that you don’t have trouble handling them later if something goes wrong.

3. Avoid making payments with ATM cards

There is already a Google Pay application for Android and Apple Pay for iOS users who can make payments without having to use your ATM card directly. Because, it is feared if your card data is stolen by irresponsible people. If necessary, even pay in cash.

4. Eat in a crowded place

When traveling, you definitely need to eat too. If you are traveling in a distant place and want to eat, it’s a good idea to eat in a place where local people eat. Don’t just choose a place for fear of affecting your health.

5. Dress according to the place you visit

This point is also useful for your safety. If you are traveling to a place especially traveling abroad, it’s a good idea to wear clothes according to the place you are visiting. This is meant to keep you from people who want to do evil. You will likely go unnoticed because you look the same as the locals.