The Philippines is a tropical country that has charming natural beauty. This country that is in the Southeast Asia region is an archipelago or a country consisting of islands. The Philippines has many attractions, including its fascinating historical heritage and natural beauty. You will also feel comfortable in this country because the weather and climate.

Friendly Community

Traveling in the Philippines will make your vacation more comfortable and enjoyable. How not, you will be greeted by friendly local residents. In addition, Filipinos also have a habit of having fun by singing and dancing, so that you will also feel happy which will automatically make it easier for you to interact with Filipinos.

The beach is beautiful

How not, every beach in the Philippines has white sand and clear, blue sea water. Also equipped with beautiful coral reefs on the seabed and lush and lush green forests. Famous beaches in the Philippines are El Nido Beach, Caramoan Beach, and Samal Beach.

Use of English which makes it easy for tourists

As an international traveler, what often confuses you is how to communicate with the locals. The difficulty of communicating with the public will also make it difficult for you to access when traveling in the country. Especially when you want to ask for help or ask for a location. However, you don’t need to be afraid when visiting the Philippines. This is because the Filipinos master English, so you can communicate easily.

Unique Food

The Philippines is known for its strange and extreme foods according to Indonesians. Apparently, it’s not only strange, culinary delights from the Philippines also have a unique and interesting taste to taste.

Shopping tour

When traveling, of course, you shouldn’t forget souvenirs for your loved ones. In the Philippines, you will find various kinds of souvenirs or special foods that can be used as souvenirs.

The souvenir centers or traditional markets in the Philippines have provided various Filipino souvenirs that you can choose according to your taste. Or you can look for it at the mall. In Manila, the nation’s capital city of the Philippines has a variety of large malls that provide a variety of goods you need.