Do you like snorkeling? Did you know that in the world there are several spots that can give you a wonderful experience? Don’t believe it? Just look at the information below! Snorkeling is a marine activity where you can see the beauty in the sea. No wonder if you are on vacation to the coast, snorkeling is one of the activities that comes to mind for the first time. But do you already know about the best snorkeling spots or spots in the world?

Talking about snorkeling, of course you have to visit an area where there is good and clear water quality. So that you get clear visibility and be able to see the natural beauty under the sea properly. The marine life in it is also a consideration when you want to do this activity. There are many areas or spots in the world that must be included in your bucket list when you want to do snorkeling. So, instead of getting curious about what spots you should visit when you want to do snorkeling, just take a look at some of the information below. Hopefully this can be useful and can make it easier for you to get beautiful snorkeling spots.

Best Snorkeling Spot in the World – Ambergris Caye, Belize

For the first choice regarding snorkeling spots or spots that you should visit is Ambergis Caye, which is located in Belize. Belize itself is a small country located on the east coast of Central America, bordering Mexico to the northwest and Guatemala to the west and south.
Indeed, in the Belize region itself, there are several regions or oceans that have stunning natural beauty. One of them is on Ambergris Caye. In this spot you can also see the natural beauty of the underwater world in the form of natural biota and clear sea.
The coral reefs in this area are equally beautiful, not to mention that you can get the opportunity to swim with the friendly sharks in this area. In fact, many people think that Ambergris Caye is a very beautiful one stop destination in the world.

Snorkeling Spot in the World – Ilha Grande, Brazil

It’s not only the beauty of the beaches that you can get in Brazil, because in Brazil itself you can get a snorkeling spot that is very beautiful and can make you get a very unique experience.
Precisely in Ilha Grande, which is located between Sao PaoAnda and Rio de Janeiro. This area is often called a hidden paradise in South America. In this spot there is still an unspoiled environment. So that the green expanse will always accompany you when you are there.
When you enter the water area in Ilha Grande, you will feel the warm water in the Blue Lagoon or also known as Lagoa Azul. In this spot, you can swim together with sea horses and other beautiful fish.
Another attraction of Ilha Grande is that there are a lot of shipwrecks in the sea because it is a former war area between pirates and Potugis troops in the past. Ooo yeah, the water conditions in Ilha Grande are also very clear.

Snorkeling Spot in the World – The Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is indeed a tourist destination that has a variety of beauties, an area that has a variety of island choices is also surrounded by a variety of interesting snorkeling spots. Even the beauty that is in this spot deserves thumbs up.
One of the spots that attracts attention is The Big Island, because indeed the beauty that is there also has many uniqueness, such as a more diverse marine life and sea water which is light blue and clear.
In addition, The Big Island itself is also the spot where Captain James Cook docked his ship. So you can also see Captain Cook’s monument in this area, dolphins and turtles are other things that you can get in the ocean.

Snorkeling Spot in the World – Palawan, Philippines

With Andakasi which is not far from Indonesia, of course Palawan itself is the easiest destination to reach if you want to get beautiful snorkeling spots abroad. Just imagine the beauty in this area that is surrounded by around 7.00 islands.
Yes, indeed when talking about the atmosphere in Palawan, there is no need to doubt again. Not to mention that when you enter the waters, the water is clear and light blue in color, not to mention the diverse marine life.
The Palawan Islands themselves do have a variety of beautiful snorkeling spots, one of which is the Bay of Donsol, in this area you can get the chance to see the Andah whale shark. Or you can also visit Honda Bay to see a variety of beautiful fish.

Snorkeling Spot in the World – Komodo Island, Indonesia

Of course, the last spot that you should visit comes from our own country, because Indonesia itself also has a variety of beautiful snorkeling and diving spots. Well, Komodo Island is a spot that you should visit.
Apart from the commodity itself, this island also has a natural beauty under the sea that is no less interesting. Go to Pink Beach there, because you will see the beauty of its pink sand beaches along with a variety of unique marine life.
There are approximately 260 types of coral reefs and 14 types of interesting marine animals, including sharks, dolphins and giant turtles. No wonder the Komodo Island area is included in one of the best snorkeling spots in the world.