From resting in the historical and romantic city of Rome to cultural tours tracing the fascinating history of the City of London and tasting its delicious culinary delights, taking a vacation to Turkey to see spectacular views, relaxing in Paris for art lovers or having an adventure in the bustle of Bangkok, there is always something to do every one. Age does not matter to explore, expand horizons and get to know new people, their religion and culture also learn new skills or even reach out to be a volunteer.

1. Rome

The charm of the City of Rome which is rich in historical heritage is a must-visit for adult tourists who want to explore history, architecture, culture and art. Notable landmarks in the city include the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museum, and the Trevi Fountain to flip coins and make requests.
It’s no wonder that the best recommendations from tourists for this city are history, monuments, and ancient buildings. The charming Italian capital is loved by the British, French and Germans as they were the most foreign tourists visiting the city in the past year and the most booked accommodations include hotels, guest houses and bed and breakfasts.For lodging, spend the night in the heart of Rome at Hotel Quirinale, which is located in a classy 19th century building. Strategically located, the hotel is within walking distance of popular attractions such as the Colosseum, Trevi Fountain and Rome Opera House through a leafy courtyard. Start your day with a light breakfast as a complimentary hotel before exploring, then end your day with a delicious dinner at the restaurant overlooking the garden and courtyard.

2. London

Often referred to as the capital of Europe, London is a must-visit destination to immerse yourself in various cultures. From stylish Belgravia, to the big city of Camden Town, each neighborhood has its own unique character ready to be explored. Soak up British culture through a visit to the British Museum, take a trip to Buckingham Palace and take a red double decker bus around the City of London, perfect for taking in great views of other famous landmarks. The highest recommendations from tourists for London are recreation, shopping and museums. The most foreign tourists booked for accommodation in London in the past year came from France, Italy and Germany, and the most booked accommodations over the past year include hotels, hostels and apartments.

3. Istanbul

Turkey Traveling to Turkey is an unforgettable adventure as the country offers a mix of history and rich landscapes ranging from mountains, hot springs, caves, ancient volcanoes and beaches. During the trip you can sample exotic dishes, haggle at the Grand Bazaar located in Istanbul’s Old City, and soak in one of the famous Turkish Baths. The highest recommendations from tourists for Istanbul are history, shopping and food. The most foreign tourists booked for accommodation in Istanbul last year came from Arabs, Russians and Germans, and the most booked accommodations over the past year include hotels, apartment hotels and hostels. Swissotel The Bosphorus Istanbul is a great starting point for travelers looking to ease their adventure in Turkey. Take a dip in the rooftop pool, a wide selection of treatments from the award-winning spa and enjoy the delicious dishes available at 16ROOF while gazing at the captivating Bosphorus. After tasting these stylish restaurant dishes and exploring flavors from around the world, head to Les Ambassadeurs for a drink and enjoy some delightful jazz music.

4. Paris

France Paris, the world capital for arts and culture, should be on any golden travels list. Embrace this ‘city of light’ and get ready to be enchanted by the beauty and timeless history of Paris. Starting from the big boulevards and designer shops that line the streets, a number of monuments and landmarks, cafes with parasol tables line the cobbled streets. Enjoy delicious French cuisine, a bustling city and visit popular monuments and landmarks. This beloved capital city is recommended by tourists for its museums, recreation and culture and is loved by the British, Germans and Italians as they are among the most foreign tourists visiting Paris. Preferred accommodation options include hotels, hostels and apartments. Jardin Saint Honore Apartments are a great choice of home away from home and perfect accommodation for the Parisian adventurer. Located in the heart of Paris, this apartment is within walking distance of popular hotspots such as the Louvre Museum and Notre Dame Cathedral.

5. Bangkok

Thailand Describing Bangkok is inseparable from the millennial generation who enjoy exploring the endless nightlife on Khao San Road. Nevertheless, Bangkok should not be overlooked by adult tourists as this bustling capital has a lot to offer besides sparkling nightlife. Head to Bangkok for delicious street food, shrines, the luxurious Grand Palace and the Wat Phra Kaew Temple. While you’re there, don’t forget to have eye contact with the elephants at one of the many shrines there, take a walk to the floating market, and see a Buddha statue. The highest recommendation from tourists for Bangkok is shopping, food, temples. The most foreign tourists booked for accommodation in Bangkok in the past year were from China, Germany and the UK and the most booked accommodations over the past year included hotels, hostels and apartment hotels. Kritthai Residence offers easy access to all entertainment venues and shopping centers. Visitors can take advantage of the 24-hour front desk and on-site tour services and the Kritthai Residence is only a short walk from Siam Shopping Center and the Jim Thompson House. This list is curated from data on the best destinations worldwide visited by adult travelers over the past year.