sometimes there are things that are unexpected, yes, Trippers. Even though holidays are the time you’ve been waiting for to release fatigue after work, it takes a struggle to find time to spend time and quality time with your family because vacation moments are precious moments. Before leaving for vacation, make sure that Trippers have prepared the equipment that must be brought. Apart from clothes and food, first aid kits and a list of medicines should not be forgotten. What are the emergency medicines that must be prepared on a long trip?

1.First aid kit This one object is important because the contents of this box are as the name implies, namely first aid in accidents. In this box we have to prepare a wound bandage, sterile cotton or gauze, alcohol, wet wipes, wound plaster, hand sanitizer and digital thermometer. This can help us the first time if something goes wrong. Even though the term is a first aid kit, you can use a small tote bag instead of a box, Trippers. As long as it’s easy to carry.

2.Diarrhea medication This is important, Trippers, sometimes we really like culinary delights without knowing the contents in our stomachs have been mixed up, as long as we have tried new foods even though they are not necessarily suitable for our stomachs and stomachs, suddenly diarrhea while taking a walk will create a moment of traveling become annoyed, then bring diarrhea medicine that we have already taken so we know what medicine works when we have diarrhea

3.Headache Medication When humans are hot or even cold, their head will definitely feel dizzy all of a sudden, even though they have been taken to rest back to the hotel but they do not get better, it is definitely a headache, trippers friends, so headache medicine is one of the list of drugs to take when we are traveling.

4.Travel sickness medication Now this one must be brought along as well, Trippers, because we don’t know the condition of our bodies when traveling, but make sure if traveling, Trippers must be fit and healthy. This one medicine is really needed if Trippers rarely go far by using a car, train, plane or other means of transportation to travel, if you are drunk on the trip, our body condition will be weak and we can’t enjoy the trip so we recommend that Trippers be prepared for one drug. this.

5.Medicine for fever We certainly can’t predict weather changes at our travel locations, yes, Trippers. Sudden change in weather can make us chills and fever. Even though it sounds trivial, fever can ruin our vacation days. We don’t want that to happen, of course, Trippers. Therefore, we must prepare fever medicine to relieve body heat. For Trippers who do not like to take medicine, you can use a fever-reducing bandage. In addition to the 5 drugs above, you also have to prepare special medicines if you have special diseases such as asthma, diabetes or the like. May we always be healthy, Trippers.