Want to snorkel directly with the fauna in the ocean? Or admire the beauty of the reefs and their diversity? If so, have you tried the following spots?
The following best snorkeling spots in the world might be your next destination for marine tourism enthusiasts. Anywhere? Check out the following list!

1. Isla Mujeres

For those who like snorkeling while chatting with fish, the Isle of Mujeres in Mexico is the right destination. At the site, you can snorkel while accompanied by whales, as well as their prey, tuna. This snorkeling spot, located 9 miles off the coast of Cancun, Mexico. In that place, you are treated to a stunning sea view, with turquoise water. Apart from that, the area is also home to two underwater sculpture gardens filled with more than 500 life-size statues at a depth of 3 to 6 meters.

2. Key Largo

The next best snorkeling spot in the world is in Florida, United States. In 2017, this spot was hit by hurricane Irma which was so damaging, fortunately, most of the reefs in this place survived, so we can still enjoy its beauty. Molasses Reef, a coral reef spot that is part of the Florida Keys National Marine Reserve, is still surrounded by sharks, rays and several species of turtles. The life of the reefs in this place survived the storms. In addition, the famous Christ of the Abyss Statue, also not affected by the storm, still exists and is still one of the favorite snorkeling spots.

3. Kona

In Hawaii, the green turtle, known locally as the honu, is highly worshiped, and they believe that this animal represents a guardian spirit and good luck. If you snorkel in this place, you will easily meet green turtles, especially at Kahaluu Beach Park, a small bay with not so big waves. Or you can try the Two Step site, which is only a 30-minute drive south of the city. In this place you will find turtles, as well as schools of yellow botana, butterfly fish, surgeonfish, seals and dolphins.

4. Koh Kradan

Interested in snorkeling in the South Pacific? The serene island of Koh Kradan, located off Thailand’s west coast, in the Andaman Sea, is home to Hat Chao Mai National Park, where you can snorkel over untouched reefs, anemone beds and home to thousands of clownfish. The island itself offers accommodation that is still traditional, so that a natural impression is still felt on this site.

5. North Sulawesi

Indonesia is indeed famous for its extraordinary marine wealth. Naturally, most of Indonesia is an ocean. Apart from being filled with oceans, Indonesia is also blessed with a climate that is so supportive for coral reef life. This climate, makes the water temperature very suitable for the life of a variety of attractive tropical fish, as well as a variety of colorful corals. Kungkungan Bay Resort, which is located in the Lembeh Strait, Bitung City, North Sulawesi, is one of the best examples of snorkeling spots in the world in Indonesia.

In fact, the world has recognized the beauty of this place. This is proven by the number of foreign tourist visits specifically for snorkeling in this place. What makes visitors crazy about this spot, is the richness of the reefs, as well as the exotic marine life.