Climbing or climbing a mountain is one of the extreme fun activities. How come? Natural beauty and fresh air will continue to accompany you along your journey to the top of the mountain that you are going to. However, when climbing a mountain, you should prepare your physical and mental condition well. With a good physical and mental condition when going to climb a mountain, of course you will experience many benefits afterwards. Not only that, you also need to know the terrain conditions that you will be traveling on, because then you can prepare things better.
Here are the benefits you can feel if you are happy with mountain climbing:

1. Improve Heart and Lung Health

Of course, one of the benefits that you can feel for your body is an increase in the work of the heart and lungs. The hiking trip will make your heart and lungs work harder than your usual activities. Climbing a mountain can actually reduce a person’s risk of heart disease and stroke. When climbing a mountain, the oxygen supply and blood circulation in the body will also increase. The air around the mountains that is fresh and free from pollution will also have a positive impact on your body. There’s nothing wrong with doing light exercise a few days before you go on a hiking trip. This is done so that the heart and lungs are accustomed to activities that are more strenuous than usual, so that the body will be more ready to follow your climb.

2. Reduce Stress and Make Life Happier

Of course, with your busy daily work schedule, climbing mountains is one of the activities you can do to reduce stress and make your life happier. The beautiful scenery offered when climbing will help you to get rid of all the fatigue of your work. In addition, according to research, walking with a long enough duration actually increases your happiness levels more than doing a tread mill. Even though you are tired, a trip up the mountain will make your body and mind more relaxed and relaxed.

3. Strengthens Leg Muscles

For those of you who like to climb mountains, of course you are familiar with the various fields that you go through to get to the top. Gravel, rocky, and dirt roads will actually make your leg muscles stronger and stronger.

4. Make Your Memory Stronger

In climbing requires precision instinct to remember and good emotional management. By taking a hiking trip, it turns out that your memory is getting stronger and your memory is getting sharper.

5. Make Bones More Dense

There are many ways you can do to make your bones tighter. By getting used to walking, climbing stairs, and basking in the sun you can do to have solid bones. Now, by climbing, you can do all three activities simultaneously. You can walk and climb mountains with different land contours. You can also enjoy the morning sunshine while watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain. By having healthy bones, of course you will avoid bone problems such as osteoporosis.