Before 36 weeks of pregnancy, you can still travel to your favorite places. Traveling has psychological and physical benefits for the mother. With a different atmosphere, it’s time for mom to freshen up and avoid stress. In order for traveling to run smoothly during young pregnancy, let’s know a short explanation and safe tips.

Know the mother’s condition first before deciding to travel

You need to know when is the best time to travel. Usually in the first trimester, some mothers experience morning sickness. Nausea followed by vomiting is one of the symptoms of morning sickness. This is a common problem that occurs in pregnant women.
Before traveling, mothers must consider whether their body condition is still experiencing morning sickness. It must be the moment of traveling so it is not exciting when the mother has to deal with nausea all the time.
Being aware and paying attention to your own condition is one of the basic tips for young pregnant women who want to travel. Fortunately, the mother does not experience morning sickness problems.
The best time to travel is in the second trimester. During this young pregnancy, you can be stronger and enjoy traveling to your favorite places. While the airline does not recommend mothers who will travel at 36 weeks of pregnancy or the third trimester.
Well, for mothers who are young pregnant and have made a list of tourist destinations to visit, find out the traveling tips in the explanation below.

Safe and comfortable traveling tips when pregnant

In order for the trip to remain enjoyable, you need to make all preparations right. Starting from health, items that need to be carried, to food or drinks that must be prepared. With careful preparation, mothers can enjoy every moment of traveling more optimally.
Read some tips when traveling for mothers who are pregnant young.

1. Check with the gynecologist

Before you go, you should first consult your gynecologist. Although gestational age is safe for travel, your doctor may have the recommendations and advice you need while on vacation.
Do these tips before you decide to travel outside the city or country. It is important to make sure there are no risk factors for you and your little one in the womb.

2. Determine the destination

The next travel tip when pregnant is to choose a location. Choose a destination where you can relax and enjoy the view. Avoid joining group tours with busy destinations. Of course, this will cause physical exhaustion.
You can choose a private tour so you can enjoy traveling more. For example, relaxing while looking at the scenery, shopping at the place you want, or tasting culinary without the need to be pressed for time.
Keep in mind, if you decide to go abroad, make sure you follow the vaccination requirements. Because some countries recommend vaccination as a requirement for foreign tourists.

3. Don’t forget to drink

Other tips for safe traveling during young pregnancy, always drink at any time. Keeping the body hydrated can prevent swelling of the hands, feet, and avoid clogging of blood vessels.
Lack of drinking can make the body dehydrated, so you feel more because of jet lag. Consuming enough mineral water can reduce the risk of fatigue during the trip.

4. Prepare healthy snacks

It feels like the mouth wants to chew the whole way. So, always provide healthy snacks while you are traveling. These are mandatory travel tips when pregnant. Choices of healthy snacks that can be taken include:
• snacks or whole grain cereals
• pasteurized cheese sticks
• dry or fresh fruit
• vegetable salad
• seeds or nuts
• granola
• yogurt
When hunger strikes, eat this healthy snack immediately. It doesn’t take much, but consume it frequently to increase your energy while traveling.