Even so, before going on a trip, you need to plan and prepare for months. This preparation is important, especially preparing accommodation and carrying out activities as recommended. Traveling gives you the experience of dealing with different cultures, diverse food gives you the opportunity to reflect on many things.

Even so, before going on a trip, you need to plan and prepare for months. This preparation is important, especially preparing accommodation and carrying out activities according to the tie’s recommendations. There are a number of mistakes that will occur during your trip, including scams that can drain your pockets. Conversely, if nothing happens, the tour can run smoothly and produce an interesting experience.

Many travelers suggest the importance of careful planning and risk mitigation, as long as you don’t be too optimistic because it can drain your emotions when things don’t go according to expectations. Here are 4 common mistakes to maybe bad luck while traveling that can ruin your vacation and drain your pocket.

Visa Issues

Visa problems can arise due to errors when you fill out the application because it is made too fast and close to the time of departure, then you depend on the document upload procedure on the online visa application. Therefore it is important that you read and fill in the visa procedures carefully, especially regarding the time of departure. You are also required to include your first name.

You are also required to prepare important documents needed. Do not let you miss important documents such as a bank statement, or a letter of good behavior issued by the police. You also have to make sure the procedure to be followed is the newest procedure not a prerequisite for the old visa. For example, Malaysians can only visit Canada without visas prior to 2002 with only security information. From year to year these two countries have updated their terms so make sure you have made adjustments to the latest terms.

Generally, Europeans who easily travel to America are already on the Visa Wavier Program list. Even so, if the visa doesn’t meet the requirements, that doesn’t mean you can’t apply through the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA). In Europe, parliament also has a similar scheme called the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS) from January 2021. This scheme will see migrants who do not need a visa are those who come from 26 member countries, and have submitted registration to ETIAS. With so many countries applying for permits for travelers to apply for visas online, travelers need to be careful not to get stuck on the wrong website. In addition, there are several challenges that may still be faced because there are a number of countries that have very strict procedures for making visas.

Roaming Telephone Lines

Travelers should be prepared as soon as you enter a new country, your network or phone signal starts to have problems. This means that you must immediately replace your cellphone number with that country number. Or you can activate the communication network by relying on free WiFi. Unfortunately many travelers don’t realize, when their real number is deactivated for some time, there will be problems when tourists return to their country. Some of them had difficulty activating their real numbers. Therefore it is very important for you to check your provider again before and after traveling.


The danger of fraud lurks travelers, especially those who come to a country for the first time. This fraud is carried out in a variety of ways, from trickery to intimidation and threats of violence. Some of the most common types of scams or traps are to drain travelers money through threats and physical violence. In Paris, for example, pickpockets generally attack tourists who look and act innocent. Usually there is an old woman who asks if the gold ring that fell is yours. Generally the tourists will say no, then the he will force you to buy it. Usually because trapped tourists spend some money for him. In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, con artists know that tourists think local people are generous and happy to help as indigenous people, they will be friendly and show you the various parts of the city. They can even dare to invite you to a cafe or an art show. Well, you don’t want to come along because you will be trapped with some women who force you to pay US $ 100 for Ethiopian beer.

Several other types of scams and pitfalls are the damage to the taxi meter which is common when you visit Central America. To anticipate this, you can check the trip price according to your own meter. If the driver does not agree, then you have the right to find another taxi driver. Some of the other dangerous scams involve fake cops after someone tries to offer you drugs. Later, the fake police will ask for your passport. This is also the same as the mode when a stranger wants to ask you for a photo. You better refuse. It’s a good idea to do your research first regarding the many potential scams and traps before you travel.

Lodging scams

Fraud on lodging and accommodation is mostly experienced by travelers who are looking for shelter. According to data from the UK Government, around £ 6.7 million in 2017 were lost while on vacation due to accommodation fraud. This big fraud is usually carried out by intermediaries who claim to have made reservations for villas or lodging apartments, but in fact the inn does not exist. Checking is not that easy.

Moreover, the pictures and photos you see on social media do not necessarily reflect the original conditions. But when you check-in, it turns out that there are many things that don’t match the predictions, from the bed to the atmosphere and smell of the room. If you experience this, you can contact and report players in the marketplace, but don’t let this unpleasant condition drain your mood and ruin your vacation plans. Therefore, when looking for and booking lodging, you don’t need to communicate with other intermediaries outside the lodging platform. It is better if you take advantage of the available platforms that are already integrated with the marketplace. In addition, you need to manage the expectation that this property that looks good is not necessarily the same in the future. If you do not intend to change places, there is no problem if you stick to traditional hotels with facilities and style